Wed 15 Feb, 2017

Moray Greens are pleased to announce the selection of their leading candidate for Moray Council in the forthcoming local elections.

The Heldon and Laich Ward will be contested by local Greens Convenor, James MacKessack-Leitch.

He says:

“Whatever happens in this election, with so many members retiring or moving on, there will be sweeping changes coming to Moray Council, and my aim is to push for a transformation in thinking about how the Council goes about its daily business, with a particular focus on planning for the long term future.”

“Currently too much decision making is short-sighted and poorly thought out, and with tough times continuing for the present we need to take a different perspective on strained Council finances.”

“We need to move beyond the fortress mentality, because it’s not just about cutting budgets and slashing services, we need more creative and community led solutions for a sustainable long term plan, and a real effort to join the dots across a range of linked issues.”

“We also need to help build a sustainable local economy, not by pandering to big developers or throwing public money away on ill-conceived projects and short term solutions, but by engaging with our local businesses and third-sector organisations who could play a much bigger role given the right support and opportunities.”

“These ongoing budget and service issues, and a lack of leadership and long term planning at Moray Council mean that the need for a strong, clear, but constructive voice, is more important than ever.”

“I know I can be that voice, bringing the fresh perspective and ideas that the Council so badly needs, but I’m also keen to work collaboratively, not just within the Council, but with individuals and groups across the area, to ensure that together we are all planning for our long term prosperity.”

James is being backed by regional Green MSP John Finnie, who said:

“Local councils deal with some of the most important activities in any community such as education, social care, housing and transport. I’ve known James for several years and I am aware of his commitment to Moray and its well-being. As a seasoned community activist and campaigner, James would make exactly the type of enthusiastic Councillor I’d want working for me and my community.”

James (30) lives on the family farm at Alves, where he’s a company director. He has experience of working in both the private and public sector, with a background focussing on rural development. He has supported a number of community issues – including playing a significant role in the successful campaign to scrap the proposed Elgin Western Link Road – and is currently the Vice-Chair of a local community trust.

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