Building a Greener and Fairer Glasgow

We are in a climate emergency.

Climate chaos is causing devastation, but its impacts are not equal. Far worse damage is felt by people who are already marginalised. That’s a clear pattern around the world but it shows up in Glasgow too - who is excluded from decent transport, who is worst impacted by flooding, and who has the resources to cope with skyrocketing food and energy prices. 

Climate change is unfair, and that’s why we need climate justice now. 

A #1 vote for your local Scottish Green candidate on 5th May is a vote for climate action and social justice. It’s a vote for urgent action to build a greener and fairer Glasgow. 

Glasgow’s Green councillors have already made a massive difference.

We’ve led the city's 2030 net zero carbon target and started turning that into action. That has included funding for 30 permanent car free schools, Europe's largest fleet of zero emissions bin lorries and creating over 40km of new separate cycle lanes across the city.

We’ve backed those who make Glasgow fairer. We’ve backed a 10% increase in allowances for foster and kinship carers after a decade-long freeze, fought for decent housing for refugees, and set up a tenant-led group to lead rent reform in the city.

And we’ve empowered communities with actions not just words. Greens secured the funding to fully reopen all of the city's libraries, created a new fund for residents to improve their back lanes, and kick-started local food growing. 

You can trust Greens to deliver for Glasgow and the planet.

With just seven councillors this term, we punched well above our weight. That’s because Greens act with integrity, engage constructively, and get things done. 

With more Greens in the council, that positive difference will just keep getting bigger. 

For a greener and fairer Glasgow, vote Green #1 on 5 May.

Cllr Martha Wardrop and Cllr Jon Molyneux

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