Mon 16 Feb, 2015

We are HUGELY excited to have the honour of hosting an event featuring Andy Wightman discussing Land Reform. For those unaware of Andy's work, he is a writer, researcher, analyst, commentator and activist on issues of land, power, governance and democracy: all favourite topics of ours. Andy describes himself as a 'Seeker of truth, enlightenment and revolution in the Scots' relationship with their land, a writer and researcher on land issues in Scotland and the author of Who Owns Scotland and The Poor Had No Lawyers.'
"In Who Owns Scotland, I told the apocryphal tale of a Scottish miner walking home one evening with a brace of pheasants in his pockets. He unexpectedly meets the landowner who informs him that this is his land and he had better hand over the pheasants. 'Your land, eh?' asks the miner. 'Yes' replies the laird, 'and my pheasants' 'And who did you get this land from?' 'Well, I inherited it from my father.' 'And who did he get it from?' the miner insists. 'His father of course. The land has been in my family for over 400 years,' the laird splutters. 'OK, so how did your family come to own this land 400 years ago?' the miner asks. 'Well… well… they fought for it!' 'Fine,' replies the miner. 'Take your jacket off and I'll fight you for it now.' Extract from 'The Poor Had No Lawyers'
In his book he explores the issue of how land has came to be owned by a privileged few and how the legal establishment skewed the process. Stressing within it that 'we are all creatures who require shelter and nourishment' requiring a place to live but that the battle of land ownership has an effect on us all this event looks to discuss this historical context through to the current issues of the day. With the current consultation on Land Reform and incoming Community Empowerment Bill it's a hot topic all around the country. ANDY WIGHTMAN The event is on Wednesday 25th of Februrary at 7:30pm in the Volunteer Rooms, Irvine and is free but donations are welcome. Hosted by the Ayrshire Branch of The Scottish Green Party there will be refreshments available and all members and non members are warmly welcomed.

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