Support our campaign to reopen Falkirk bus station and overhaul public transport.

Almost 2 years ago services to and from Falkirk bus station were terminated. A community asset has been left to rot. 

Buses are now idling on Newmarket and Vicar streets at the end of routes or to allow shift changes. Access to the town centre from Newmarket Street is steep, involving steps. This is less than ideal for those with mobility issues or prams. 

Many of Falkirk’s buses, which are vital for our communities, are less efficient because they are older, which adds to air pollution in and around the town centre. Vicar Street is particularly concerning: parked buses force drivers into narrow lanes causing potential dangerous traffic conditions. For those waiting at the bus stop social distancing is impossible. And accessibility to the high street is not easy for the elderly.

Bus travel in and around Falkirk must be  overhauled. Action begins by re-opening our bus station. Please contact your local MSPs and councillors to stand up for Falkirk’s public transport by demanding investment in a 21st century system that connects our communities; not isolates them or reduces our health and well-being.

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