Wed 4 Dec, 2019

At this critical time it’s important that everyone who can make a difference does make a difference Russell Deacon

Highlands and Islands Greens would like to say thank you to Russell Deacon, our Green candidate for the Inverness Central ward by-election in November. A big thank you also to all those who helped with the campaign and to those who voted for Russell. The Green vote share increased from 6 to 10%, overtaking labour and boosting the Green profile in Inverness.

Russell is a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher who has lived in Inverness for 30 years. He stood for this ward in the 2017 Council elections. He has a family with three children. He is a keen cyclist. He says "At this critical time it’s important that everyone who can make a difference does make a difference. I have seen what Green elected representatives can make happen, above and beyond their numbers by inspiring and providing alternative options. I want to create a future worth having for my children and people in this ward". Russell wants far more radical action on climate change. This ward which is largely very close to sea level is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding. He also wants to see more allotments. Hawthorn Allotments in Dalneigh which were brought back into use a few years ago have proved very popular and there is now a waiting list. Russell has been working very hard to set up allotments in Merkinch for several years and hopes to now see this happen. He previously worked for Ross-shire Waste Action Network (RoWAN) on a project to reduce food waste which also helped people eat better. He is keen to tackle antisocial behaviour in the area by providing more activities and support for older youth such as using the meeting place in the ‘Janny’s hous’. He would like to see much more reliable and frequent buses, an integrated bus and railway station, and an end to fly tipping, making use of a regular community skip which has proved effective in other communities. He will fight against the building of an incinerator on the Longman. Other countries have found that higher recycling and re-use rates leading to a circular economy have avoided the need for polluting incineration.

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Wed 4 Dec, 2019

As a designer and facilitator, I work in the Highlands helping people to design more sustainable and regenerative ways of living both for themselves and their community. I have first-hand experience of the potential of locally owned renewable energy, local and slow investment, car share schemes, and systems that maximise access to locally produced food, among other sustainability-related initiatives.

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