Sat 29 Jan, 2022

I’m standing to help push the green agenda forward in Orkney, especially in my local area Helen Woodsford-Dean

Orkney Greens’ Co-Convenor Helen Woodsford-Dean of Harray has announced her intention to stand as a Scottish Green Party candidate in the West Mainland Ward at the Orkney Islands Council elections to be held on Thursday 5 May later this year. Inclusion Scotland has recently awarded her a grant for assistance with her election campaigning, and as a result of this she has chosen to reveal her election plans early. She has been awarded £240 from the Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) Award to pay for up to 12 hours of scribe support to assist with her hearing disability.


Helen said “Last time I campaigned in West Mainland in 2017, everyone was very patient and kind with me, but I’m aware that when people are speaking passionately it is easy to forget to make allowances for people with hearing loss by remembering to speak slowly and clearly. During hustings, Christopher Gee kindly stepped up to be my scribe and I remember how invaluable his help was – I was pleased that my award meant that I could arrange for his time to be fairly rewarded.”

“It’s such a massive relief to know, well in advance, that I can access this support again this time. I’m standing to help push the green agenda forward in Orkney, especially in my local area, and I’ll be outlining my manifesto in much more detail shortly. Meanwhile I’m grateful to Inclusion Scotland for their generosity. I would encourage others with any disability, who are interested in standing for election to contact Inclusion Scotland for help and advice.”

Ethan Young, Civic Participation Manager for Inclusion Scotland said: “We are delighted to administer the Access to Elected Office Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. Disabled people face many barriers to elected office and the Fund can help reduce some of the financial ones that non-disabled people don’t face. It helps to level the playing field in elections so that disabled people can be better represented in elected office.”

Steve Sankey, the Orkney Greens’ other Co-Convenor and Councillor for the East Mainland, Burray and South Ronaldsay Ward added “Helen’s approach typifies both Helen as a person, and the Green Party’s inclusive approach to issues. We pride ourselves on being a caring and a local party. We’ll be fielding candidates in several Wards in Orkney – more on this next month – and all of our Green candidates will be grateful for your support in May.”


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A young Green candidate, Kristopher attended Glaitness Primary and KGS, before going on to study International Relations at the University of St. Andrews. He has worked at EMEC following his undergraduate studies and is now working with Scottish Green MSP Ariane Burgess while completing a Masters in Renewable Energy Development at Heriot Watt in Stromness.