Mon 26 Nov, 2018

Workplaces can play their part to encourage more of us to choose an active commute in Glasgow. Funds generated by a workplace parking levy would support increased investment in walking, cycling and public transport. Cllr Martha Wardrop

The strengthening of local authority powers to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy will be discussed by Glasgow City Council’s Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction City Policy Development Committee on Tuesday 27th November 2018.

Nottingham City Council has introduced a Workplace Parking Levy to tackle problems associated with traffic congestion and this has provided funding for major transport infrastructure initiatives and acted as an incentive for employers to manage their workplace parking provision.

Glasgow Green Councillor Martha Wardrop, spokesperson on Sustainability said, “Workplaces can play their part to encourage more of us to choose an active commute in Glasgow. The option to introduce a levy on workplaces providing a high number of parking spaces would incentivise more of us to leave our car at home. This would help people to be active daily and boost their health over the longer term. Funds generated by the Council from this levy would support increased investment in walking and cycling, as well as public transport.”

Cllr Wardrop added, “There has been a longstanding interest in a Workplace Parking Levy amongst councillors. A report from the Council’s Local Taxes Working Group in November 2016 listed amongst its recommendations the option of this levy being introduced as part of a local taxation system. The strengthening of local authority powers should be supported by the Transport Bill as it would help Local Authorities to support investment in sustainable transport infrastructure.”

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