Wed 21 Dec, 2016

The Scottish Government must raise its ambitions and work with Green and other MSPs ahead of February's vote on the budget to get a better deal for people living in Glasgow. Allan Faulds

Greens in Glasgow are highlighting how Glasgow City Council is set to have 3.3% less to spend on local services after a cut in revenue funding from the Scottish Government.

The party says the Scottish Government has not given councils a fair deal. The draft budget fails to use new powers to come up with fairer funding proposals for councils to tackle Westminster austerity cuts.

Allan Faulds, Glasgow Greens spokesperson for Local Finance and candidate for Victoria Park said:

“Greens have been clear that using the Scottish Parliament’s tax powers to tackle poverty and protect public services should be a priority. Despite additional spend on education coming out the Scottish Government purse, Glasgow City Council’s core funding is facing a cut of 3.3% in this draft budget. This comes at a time when local services such as social care are under huge pressure.

“This will likely lead to further reductions in service provision or increased charges for local residents. It's also not clear what sanction Glasgow City Council faces if it tries to raise Council Tax by more than the three per cent limit Scottish Ministers have set.

“The Scottish Government must raise its ambitions and work with Green and other MSPs ahead of February's vote on the budget to get a better deal for people living in Glasgow.”

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