We face a climate emergency, the future of life on earth depends on the actions we are all prepared to take, individually and collectively as policy makers, campaigners and citizens. The Scottish Green Party has been in the forefront of raising awareness and campaigning for action at national and local level about the threats that we face but we need to do much more. How can we use our individual and collective power to build the momentum needed to effect necessary deep change? The Glasgow Branch of the Scottish Green Party has designed a day long event for members and supporters about the reality of climate change. We have three objectives:

  • LEARN - Find out what is being done to shore up Glasgows resilience to anticipated effects of the climate emergency. Get informed about Glasgows climate impact and what current measures are being taken to reduce Glasgows continuing contribution to the crisis.
  • DEBATE - Discuss how sufficient current plans are, what more needs to be done and what, as a party and as citizens, we are prepared to do in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • ACT - Building on the day's events we will propose ways to shift the learning, thinking and talking into concrete action whether that be taking direct action, working within existing political structures or using the power of conversation at home and in the workplace to effect real change.

The event will be held on Saturday, 26th October, and it's free!  For more information and tickets, see here:

"We are not defending nature - we are nature defending itself."