Fri 3 Jul, 2015

Every week our team will bring you a round up of the top headlines from across the district, as well as national and international stories of interest you may have missed amongst the online babble.




The business vision for council

Mother makes plea for Larbert centre rethink

Falkirk’s library lovers to have a say

Most parts of Scotland to be hit by air pollution

Maddiston residents unhappy with housebuilder following repeated issues in new estate

Future still uncertain for Grangemouth school

Community volunteers can take control of their own Orphan Land project and get a grant to help too:

Nursery staff in Maddiston losing jobs

Denny foundry business sold to staff to ensure long-term survival

First Bus director to answer questions following fares campaign

Scottish Waterways Trust have received funding of over £30,000 to help them run a series of outdoor training schools.




EPA's New Fracking Study: A Close Look at the Numbers Buried in the Fine Print

Fracking's rural risks laid bare


Voter Migration 2010-2015 Analysis

RSPB response to Committee on Climate Change report: wildlife must not be overlooked

400 Million Fewer Animals Were Killed for Food Last Year vs. 2007 Because People Are Eating Less Meat

Joseph Stiglitz: how I would vote in the Greek referendum

Where did the Greek bailout money go?

Disproportionately high number of Scottish students relying on pay-day loans to get by

The power of protest can make a difference, and Scotland proves it

New study warns of dangerous climate change risks to the Earth’s oceans

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