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Manifesto for Falkirk South by-election, Thursday 14th October 2021

Stuart Duffin Tue 5 Oct, 2021

Your candidate for the Falkirk South by-election on Thursday 14th October 2021 is Stuart Duffin.

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Would you be happy to know that your pension fund was profiting from businesses that do harm to people and planet?

David Robertson Sat 3 Feb, 2018

By David Robertson and Alasdair Tollemache

Alasdair Tollemache is a Green Party Councillor in Stirling and will be working with David Robertson (Candidate in the Bonnybridge and Larbert by-election) and Greens across Central Scotland to lobby for a change in the way council pension schemes invest our money. For more information on Green action in Falkirk contact us at falkirk@scottishgreens.org.uk.

Housing paper

rst12951 Thu 23 Mar, 2017

As there are greater and greater budgetary  constraints placed upon social housing providers in endeavouring to meet the ever growing demand for housing, there is a shortsightedness which stems from this prioritisation of the March 31st date of whichever year we are in.

We cannot allow Tories’ toxic anti-immigration politics to take root

rst12951 Fri 7 Oct, 2016

“British jobs for British workers”: Wednesday morning’s headlines have been ringing through my head for the last two days. The UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced at the Conservative Party conference that the UK government plans to force businesses to publish how many foreign staff members they employ, in a bid to encourage them to hire more British workers.

Falkirk Bairns not Bombs

rst12951 Thu 22 Sep, 2016

The Scottish Referendum and the Yes Campaign highlighted an issue close to my heart: Nuclear Disarmament. At last years Autumn Green Party Conference a few of the Falkirk Greens went to the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament fringe event, I left this event with the intention of affiliating Falkirk Greens with Scottish CND and supporting the establishment of Green CND within the wider Scottish Green Party.

What's it like to be a new member of Falkirk Greens?

rst12951 Wed 13 Jul, 2016

I’m new to blogging and quite new to social media but thought it may be helpful to share my experience of being a new member of the Scottish Greens, first impressions of the Falkirk Greens Branch and future hopes and aspirations. It’s a pretty long story to describe political awareness and awakening for someone who considers themselves to be, well, ordinary: the kind of 50 year old women that you pass in the Supermarket most days of the week.

Members Interview - Darren Jalland

rst12951 Sun 26 Jun, 2016

Welcome to our second instalment of Members Interviews.  To answer the same questions as before, we introduce another of our members, Darren Jalland!

Three months to go – Campaign Diary Week 1

Kirsten Robb Fri 12 Feb, 2016

So, less than three months from now, we'll know who'll be governing Scotland and what sort of Scotland we'll be working to create. With more Green MSPs we can push Holyrood to be bolder resulting in a better Scotland. As things start to hot up even more, I'm starting a campaign blog, sharing with you stories from the campaign trail, listening to what people are experiencing and their concerns and hopes for the future.