Fri 10 Jul, 2015

Welcome to the third instalment of Members Interviews. Last time we learnt about one our regular writers Darren Jalland. This week we will keep within the Green Surge and introduce the world to another contributor to our site. She is also a frequent helper on our High Street Stall and when she is not busy with this, writes her own blog series. We're proud to introduce the world to Lissa Orr!

158 Name:  Lissa Orr
Occupation: Home Educator
Joined: September 2014

1. What attracted you to the Scottish Greens over other parties?

Being very environmentally aware and trying to live as sustainably and naturally as possible (e.g. eating less meat, buying local, making own household cleaners, recycling etc) for years, I was aware of the Greens presence. I had voted Green in previous elections when there was a candidate standing, despite not knowing what the party actually stood for other than environmental issues.  During the Indyref I got to know the Greens better via social media and TV debates. Listening to Patrick Harvie, I realised that there was so much more to the Scottish Greens than I knew. We shared a vision where the policies were for everyone not just a select demographic, thus creating a socially just, equal, sustainable and conscious country.

2. If you could choose one Scottish Greens policy that you respect the most, what one would it be and why?

This has to be Citizens Income. The policy designed to remove the indignity of claiming benefits and move to eradicate poverty by ensuring each and every citizen, regardless of circumstance, has a basic income enabling everyone to be able to afford to live without fear of poverty.  This opens up opportunities to allow people freedom to choose a lifestyle to benefit themselves and the wider community i.e allowing parents to stay at home longer to raise family, or to return to education, to work part time or more flexible hours to achieve the work life balance, to take the chance to start own businesses or to pursue dreams and goals, to have their chosen career, all whilst knowing that they are or will be contributing not only  to the economic growth of country but also the greater well being.  Although the policy still required refining, it offers a fairer and more respectful way to live.

3. Falkirk Greens have received a lot of praise for our enthusiasm and commitment to making politics fun. What would you say the tagline of the branch should be?

Falkirk Greens have arrived! We're friendly, passionate and on it!

4. In three words can you describe your experience within the Scottish Greens?

Inclusive, inspiring, honest.

5. If someone asked you why should they join the party what would you say to them?

Be the change you want to see. The party and the policies are made by the members, who make the changes happen. Don't be scared - come along to a meeting, meet wonderful people, eat cake and see for yourself. Start small or jump right in, the choice is yours, but regardless, you won't regret it.

6. And finally‚Ķ.what's your favourite type of cake?

Cheesecake, but if it has to be a real cake, then Death by Chocolate.


A big THANK YOU to Lissa, tune in next time where we will be asking our Denny By-Election candidate the famous 6 questions!


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