Thu 10 Sep, 2015

A big Thank You to everyone that voted for Brian during the Denny and Banknock By-Election, as we were all busy with the campaign we decided to focus on that, then other stuff unfortunatley got in our this week we are proud to introduce you to George "Geo" McMeechan, who joined our family only a few months ago, but is a regular at our stall!

geo Name: George McMeechan
Occupation:  Customer Assistant
Joined: May 2015

1. What attracted you to the Scottish Greens over other parties?

I was attracted to the greens due to their anti austerity, pro environment and pro independence.

2. If you could choose one Scottish Greens policy that you respect the most, what one would it be and why?

Anti Austerity policies

3. Falkirk Greens have received a lot of praise for our enthusiasm and commitment to making politics fun. What would you say the tagline of the branch should be?

All hail cthulhu!

4. In three words can you describe your experience within the Scottish Greens?

Fun, friendly, informative

5. If someone asked you why should they join the party what would you say to them?

Join the greens as they are the only true progressive alternative.

6. And finally….what's your favourite type of cake?

Meringues-is that a cake though?

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