Sun 26 Jun, 2016

Welcome to our second instalment of Members Interviews.  To answer the same questions as before, we introduce another of our members, Darren Jalland!

11253827_10152704917450940_834659422_n Name: Darren Jalland
Occupation: Customer Service Technical Coach
Joined: September 2014

1. What attracted you to the Scottish Greens over other parties?

I was very much an undecided voter during the independence referendum so, in an attempt to make my mind up, I attended a debate in Linlithgow a couple of weeks before the vote. One of the speakers for independence was Patrick Harvie who really inspired me with the way he positioned independence as a means to an end, a way of creating a more just, equal Scotland, rather than an end in itself. I have had leanings towards the Greens for some time now (having quit membership of the Labour Party some years ago), but Patrick really inspired me and made me think that I may have found a party whose values closely match my own desire for social justice, tolerance and a sustainable economy and environment.

2. If you could choose one Scottish Greens policy that you respect the most, what one would it be and why?

The Citizens' Income. It is such a radical and original idea, but so simple that you wonder why no main party has ever explored it. It isn't a fully formed policy yet, the level it would be set at hasn't been decided for example, but the way it tackles the stigma and inequality in the welfare system, encourages fairer taxation and goes a long way to tackling poverty is revolutionary.

 Coupled with a £10 living wage, something which I feel is equally vital in addressing the problems that so many people needlessly face (for one of the richest countries on the planet), it could really see the gap between rich and poor close dramatically.

3. Falkirk Greens have received a lot of praise for our enthusiasm and commitment to making politics fun. What would you say the tagline of the branch should be?

Falkirk Greens - Environmentalism, non-violence, social justice, grassroots democracy and cake.

4. In three words can you describe your experience within the Scottish Greens?

Eye openingly brilliant

5. If someone asked you why should they join the party what would you say to them?

If you've ever looked at everything which is wrong with the world and wondered why somebody doesn't do anything about it, remember that you are somebody. And a whole load of somebodys trying to change things can make a huge difference.

6. And finally….what's your favourite type of cake?

Fruit cake. I'll eat pretty much anything which has raisins or currants in.

Tune back in two weeks to meet our next member!

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