Sun 26 Jul, 2015

Welcome to the Denny and Banknock By-Election special, this week we are interviewing a person you will learn alot about over the next few weeks, allow us to introduce you to the Scottish Green Party Candidate in the current By-election, Brian Capaloff!

11714959_10153132415878752_2140781813_o Name: Brian Capaloff
Occupation: Service User Involvement Worker
Joined: September 2014

1. What attracted you to the Scottish Greens over other parties?

I'd had sympathy with so many of their policies for a long time, but the Referendum finally helped me make the decision. I no longer felt that the Labour Party represented my socialism. The Green Party does.

2. If you could choose one Scottish Greens policy that you respect the most, what one would it be and why?

The citizen's income. Putting money towards people rather than banks would have such an amazingly positive impact on them, but also on the economy as a whole.

3. Falkirk Greens have received a lot of praise for our enthusiasm and commitment to making politics fun. What would you say the tagline of the branch should be?

Politics is important to us all. Join Falkirk Greens where we enjoy making a difference.

4. In three words can you describe your experience within the Scottish Greens?

An enlightening experience

5. If someone asked you why should they join the party what would you say to them?

Politics affects us all, but unlike most Falkirk Greens make involvement an enjoyable and enlightening experience, and its membership shows that politics can be fun while having a positive impact on communities and  individuals.

6. And finally‚Ķ.what's your favourite type of cake?

I was recently diagnosed as diabetic, and missing out on cake is a big hole, but if I could have a piece of any cake it would be a freshly made Victoria sponge made with fresh cream and topped with strawberries!!

Please remember if you are living in the Denny and Banknock area, please give Brian and the Scottish Green Party your vote to help bring change to the local council!

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