Mon 3 Aug, 2015

The SNP have been quick to respond to Labour's disastrous letter in the Falkirk Herald with a goof up of their own raising hopes for the election of Scottish Green Party candidate to Falkirk Council for the Denny and Banknock ward.

In their response, the SNP claim that Labour's first time candidate will not be able to stand up veteran Labour councillor Dennis Goldie over fracking.

If this is true for a Labour candidate, whose personal views on fracking are inconsistent with his party's, the same can be said for the SNP who are also standing a first time candidate, and whose party still remains vague on their position on fracking.

The moratorium is a temporary ban on fracking in Scotland and the Scottish Government are now under pressure to clarify their position or fully ban the destructive process in all its horrendous forms. The people of Scotland simply do not want their beautiful landscape destroyed nor do they want to destroy their environment by burning yet more fossil fuels. Let's also not forget to mention concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals or the increased risk of earthquakes as observed in Oklahmoa where there has been a high correlation between fracking activities and an increase in earthquakes over magnitude 3.0.

Scottish Green Party candidate Brian Capaloff had this to say about being elected to the council: "If elected to the council I'll do everything in my power, and with the full backing of the Scottish Green Party, to oppose fracking. I have no problem standing up to Dennis Goldie."

"But fracking isn't the only issue, though it is clearly close to the hearts of many people who live in the area. I will serve the area faithfully in order to promote all the interests of the ward."

As Brian alluded to, fracking is not the only issue concerning communities though companies like INEOS will have us believe our lives depended on it. Talking on Scotland 2015 recently, Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie reminded us that fracking/coal gas can't bring the same long term economic stability and jobs that investment in renewables can. Definitely something to think about.

The Scottish Green Party are the only party standing in the Denny and Banknock By Election who are 100% against fracking. If you want a strong candidate committed to a full ban on fracking elect Brian Capaloff on August 13th. Vote Green.

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