Scottish Independence

"The Scottish Green Party, which is committed to making popular democracy a reality at the national, regional and local level, believes that there should in time be a second referendum on Scottish independence​"

Scottish Greens are proud of the role we played in the independence debate. We engaged constructively as we saw huge opportunities to create a more equal and democratic society, and a sustainable economy.

Patrick Harvie

  1. The Scottish Green Party, which is committed to making popular democracy a reality at the national, regional and local level, believes that there should in time be a second referendum on Scottish independence
  2. In that referendum the Scottish Greens will campaign for independence to secure the powers needed for a socially just and sustainable Scotland.
  3. The timing of the referendum should be determined by public appetite: Scotland should decide, when Scotland wants to decide.
  4. In assessing public appetite for a second referendum we will respect new kinds of citizen-led initiatives - for example, a call for a referendum signed by up to 1 million people on the electoral register.
  5. For the next term of the Scottish Parliament Green MSPs will focus on using existing and forthcoming powers to deliver the changes that will make a difference to the people of Scotland - on fuel poverty, land reform, funding public services and many other challenges which need to be tackled right now.
  6. We will continue to call for further powers being devolved to the Scottish Parliament until independence is achieved, for example the ability to raise the minimum wage, as supported by the Scottish Trades Union Congress.
  7. We will also bring forward a radical package of ideas which demonstrates just how different and better an independent Scotland could be - on currency, welfare, foreign policy, climate change, a post-oil economy and revitalising our democracy.

Latest Campaign Updates

Nicola Sturgeon meets Green family helping Scotland to stay in EU

2 December, 2016 - 18:19

Scottish Greens’ co-convener, Patrick Harvie welcomed Nicola Sturgeon to a pro-European gathering in Glasgow today, the largest Scotland has ever held.

The First Minister addressed an audience assembled at the European Green Party Congress in Strathclyde University, where Mr Harvie outlined the need for progressive, pro-European parties to work constructively together. It’s the first time the EGP has held the event in Scotland.

Scottish consent for ‘Hard Brexit’ unlikely says Green MSP

29 November, 2016 - 13:44

A meeting of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly has heard that they should not expect the Scottish Parliament to consent to a damaging Brexit deal that the country didn’t vote for.

Westminster would be “foolish” to block indyref bill say Greens

20 October, 2016 - 14:49

The Scottish Green Party has welcomed the government’s newly published draft bill on independence. The Greens argue that the option of an independence vote is needed given the 62 percent Remain vote in Scotland, with the Westminster government refusing to show flexibility in allowing Scotland to forge its own relationship with Europe.

Scottish Greens played a prominent role in the 2014 independence referendum and also backed a remain vote in 2016. The party’s co-convener said it would be “foolish” for the Westminster government to block a fresh independence referendum.

Giving people the opportunity to share their journey from No to Yes

18 September, 2016 - 09:11


To mark the 2nd anniversary of the independence referendum, the Scottish Greens today (18 Sep) launch a new campaign - - to give people who voted No in 2014 an opportunity to tell the story of why they have since changed their mind to support independence.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Greens said:

Harvie: "The case for Scotland retaining its relationship with the EU inevitably changes the case for independence"

Patrick Harvie MSP

Readers of the National are unlikely to need a reminder that Sunday marks the second anniversary of Scotland’s independence referendum (perhaps to be known in future as Scotland’s first independence referendum).