Fri 21 Apr, 2017

The controversial Bearsway route on Milngavie Road has split local opinion, irritating some confident cyclists and worrying other locals. Integrated active travel routes are an essential part of transport infrastructure to help people travel car-free.  But Local Greens demand real joined up active travel and public transport options to make it work for the 98% of the population who do not cycle regularly.  We need a safe bridge at Westerton station, a train halt at the Allander, reliable joined up bus and train options with safe pedestrian and bike capacity. We also need safe active travel routes to facilities like Asda and Bearsden Cross to reduce the daily car park rammys and stop Drymen Road being one of the most polluted roads in Scotland.

Air pollution is killing 40,000 a year in the UK. Effects are worse for car users, and the biggest threat to our children's health are conditions related to inactivity like diabetes and obesity. We need to support our elderly to travel safely under their own steam to keep healthy even when age related problems mean they can no longer drive.  Local Greens pushed in May 2016 for a rigorous Bearsway evaluation. This has been done and even Bearsway opponents agree this showed that concerns about accidents and journey times were misplaced. Local people report benefits such as more Westerton children going to Allender Leisure Centre by train and then foot along Bearsway. Alone it is no magic cure but it needs completed to become part of the solution.

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