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Divestment - What is it and Why is it Important?

Dan Hutchison Wed 7 Feb, 2018

Divestment is the action or process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments. When we talk politically about divesting we are appropriating the word to describe the action of selling off interests or investments for a particular political reason. The idea of divestment started with the End Apartheid campaign in the ‘60s, and there was an attempt to force divestment to be a key issue for the 1964 UK General Election.

£973 to Vote? How the Cost of British Citizenship Disenfranchises Children

SYG Member Sat 3 Feb, 2018

The Scottish Young Greens work to increase the engagement of all young people with the political process and remove the barriers in place that prevent young people becoming active citizens.

Children who are born in the United Kingdom to parents who do not hold British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain are not born British. They can apply to register as a British citizen in their own right after being born and living in the UK for 10 years, or after having spent the majority of their lives in the UK.

Barnardo's Scotland back SYG's Mental Health Campaign

Mon 4 Dec, 2017

The Scottish Young Green's "Healthy Minds, Healthy Students" campaign, calling for mental health education to be provided via PSE in schools, has been welcomed by Barnardo's Scotland. 

Barnardo's is the UK's largest children's charity, working across a range of areas including child poverty and supporting children in care. Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Barnardo's Nicki Wray said;

It's About Time for Votes at 16

Allan Faulds Wed 1 Nov, 2017

On Friday, the UK Parliament will vote on the next stage of Jim McMahon’s Votes at 16 bill. Although it will have many more hurdles after that, if it can get past this point there’s a very good chance it will become law. The Scottish Young Greens are strong supporters of votes at 16, and we call on all MPs to vote in favour.

SYG Call for Stronger Ban on Fracking

Gillian Mackay Tue 24 Oct, 2017

Today (24th October) the Scottish Parliament will hopefully ban fracking. Scottish Greens have opposed fracking since the start.

The debate follows a Ministerial Statement made before recess committing the Scottish Government to indefinitely extend their current moratorium.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Students - SYG Launch our new Mental Health Campaign

Mon 23 Oct, 2017

The Scottish Young Greens are excited to launch our first ever national campaign - Healthy Minds, Healthy Students. At the heart of our campaign is the call for every pupil to be given high quality mental health education as a basic part of their education.

SYG Statement on Catalonia

Wed 4 Oct, 2017

Statement originally posted on SYG Facebook page, 01/10/2017

The Scottish Young Greens share the deep concerns of many international observers at the events unfolding in Catalonia today. Scenes of ordinary voters being greeted at the ballot box by batons and rubber bullets from the Guardia Civil are shocking and completely incompatible with democracy.

Young Green Manifesto 2017

Tue 25 Apr, 2017

The Scottish Young Greens are delighted to launch our second ever "Youth Manifesto" - this time for the upcoming council elections. We've already highlighted the great success the Scottish Green Party has had in encouraging young candidates in these elections, with 36 (16%) of the party's 218 candidates across Scotland coming under the Young Greens age range (16-30). 

SYG Report from Global Young Greens Congress

Anthony Carroll Tue 4 Apr, 2017

Over the weekend, Scottish Young Greens delegates attend the Global Young Greens congress in Liverpool. 43 Young Green Groups from across the world were represented, although we are deeply angry at the UK Government due to its regressive Visa system, which barred 80% of African Young Green delegates from attending.

Record Number of Young Greens on the Ballot

Thu 30 Mar, 2017

Earlier this week, the Scottish Green party announced it was standing a record number of candidates in May's council elections. The Scottish Young Greens are pleased to confirm that at least 35 (16%) of the 219 Green candidates up for election on the 4th of May are 30 or under. This compares to only around 3% of all councillors elected in 2012.