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Every young person deserves the best education possible. Unfortunately many pupils are struggling with their mental health. All too often, they have no idea where to begin finding the support they need.

It's vital that young people have the tools to support their own mental health and wellbeing, and to support each other. These tools should be given to all pupils as a core part of their education. We can make that happen right now.

Following Green MSP Ross Greer's success in putting Personal and Social Education (PSE) on the parliament's agenda, the Scottish Government are responding with a review of PSE and mental health support. We're calling on ministers to use this chance to ensure high quality mental health education is provided in every school. We also want to make sure that young people who have been receiving support and are moving on to college or university continue to receive it, and don't lose out in the transition.

Young people across Scotland have told us the difference this could have made. Here's what Amy had to say;

In 6 years of high school we had one 50 minute long PSE class about mental health and it was certainly not useful to me. We were not told the names of different mental health problems, we were not told what the different signs and symptoms of mental health issues might be and we were not told who, where and when we could talk to someone for help if we were having an emotionally or mentally difficult time.

Being able to understand that certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours I had experienced for so long were recognisable and diagnosable as anxiety and panic would have improved my self confidence to no end. Needless to say this really would have helped me be able to concentrate better in my classes and get better grades because I wouldn’t have be constantly worrying about having a panic attack! 

You can read more of the stories we heard by following the link below.

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