Womanifesto 2017

Local Manifesto 2017

Our local councils are responsible for looking after the public services that we all rely on. Women are usually the most active contributors to our local communities, whether that’s taking children to the local park, nursery or school, or looking after friends and relatives with care needs. But it often feels that we have little say over how our communities are run and budgets are spent, with big property developers and multinational chains taking priority rather than our schools, care services and the people who live there.

Greens are committed to meeting this challenge by placing power in your hands, by providing the money that Councils need to run their services, and by making sure that you, as a citizen and as a community, can play a greater role in the decisions that matter to your life.

As a party, we are committed to developing women in order to ensure that we lead from the front when it comes to tackling the lack of women in public leadership roles. Not only are we standing more candidates than ever before, with 218 Greens in wards across Scotland’s 27 local authorities, but we are standing more women than ever, with 45% of the candidates selected by our local branches being women – more than any other party. 

Our commitments

  • Protecting Services

    Green councillors will continue to fight to protect and improve services. We also recognise that women are more likely to act as paid or unpaid caregivers, so cuts to these services disproportionately affect women.

  • Connecting communities

    Councils can help build our communities. Green councillors will help to connect people with a thriving local economy, strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity, and connect places with better public transport.

  • Creating homes

    Councils help create the places and neighbourhoods where we live. Green councillors want them to be safe, green and attractive places.

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