Your Green Westminster Candidates

Guy Ingerson

Aberdeen North (Westminster Constituency)

My name is Guy Ingerson, originally from Moray, I have lived in Aberdeen for over 20 years. For nearly 10 years I worked in the fossil fuel industry, specifically in procurement and material logistics. After the oil price crash I looked to move and now I’m a full-time student, working part-time in retail to pay the bills. Aberdeen is home and I have campaigned or volunteered for numerous local causes. Assisting in the fight against the £150 million incinerator in Torry, leading the charge for better bus services and pushing for more high quality social housing. I’ve also volunteered for Grampian Pride, as a member of the LGBT+ community, it was fantastic to see so many celebrating our region’s diversity. Aberdeen and the North East are the frontline of the climate emergency. We’ve seen the price of our dependency on fossil fuels; job loses, rising homelessness and food banks. Environmental justice is social justice. Our Green New Deal will tackle these injustices and will be one of the two main strands of my campaign. The other will be the Drugs Crisis, we cannot afford to lose more lives. If elected, I will push for the full devolution of drug legislation.


Rosemary McGowan

Airdrie and Shotts (Westminster Constituency)

I live in Chapelhall, North Lanarkshire. I work as a Welfare Rights Officer with a third sector organisation. I have been very active in polticis with the Greens, having stood as a candidate in local council elections and at two by-elections. 

Coming for a Welfare right background, I have seen the affect of austerity on the people in my community so I am keen to campaign on the need for a universal basic income. 


Patrick McAleer

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill (Westminster Constituency)

I live in Gartcosh and work as a scientist.

I am involved in a number of campaigns and community activities outside of work, including giving communities a voice in the planning system, abolishing trident/anti-war and solidarity with Palestine.

My main issues for this election are delivering a Green New Deal for Scotland and scrapping the barbaric benefits system.


Mags Hall

Dunfermline and West Fife (Westminster Constituency)

My name is Mags Hall and I am the Scottish Greens candidate for the Dunfermline and West Fife Constituency. I was brought up in Kincardine in West Fife, and have lived in Dunfermline for the last 10 years. 

I am the co-convener of the Fife branch and party council, I have campaigned on a range of local issues including reopening the Dunfemline to Alloa rail line, halting the expansion of Edinbugh Airport over Fife, and tackling the pollution and disruption caused by Mossmorran. 

West Fife desperately needs a Green New Deal. The end of coal mining and power stations hit our local communities hard, we can't make the same mistakes again. Rosyth could be a key facility for north sea oil decommissioning, and a freight and passenger hub for low carbon ferries, whilst our colleges should be training the next generation of renewables engineers. We need serious investment to bring the kind of long term, well-paid and sustainable jobs to Fife that should come with a Scottish Green New Deal. 


Carolynn Scrimgeour

East Dunbartonshire (Westminster Constituency)

Carolynn grew up in Bishopbriggs and now lives in Lenzie with her husband and 2 children.

She works as a doctor in Glasgow and has previously volunteered with a refugee charity.

Carolynn says "Voters across the country must be given the chance to demand action on the climate 
emergency, as it is the most pressing issue facing our country. 

I’m excited to run a positive Green campaign in East Dunbartonshire to say we need action, not words, to prevent irreversible climate change.

We’re as committed as ever to ensuring Scotland’s future as an independent country in the European Union, but change to protect our planet cannot wait, and the Scottish Green New Deal we’ve proposed can start that action now. 

The loudest and clearest way to demand climate action is to vote Scottish Green on December 12".


Erica Bradley-Young

East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow (Westminster Constituency)

I live and work in Hamilton. I moved there in December last year, having previously lived with my parents in Strathaven since 2010. I grew up in East Kilbride. I therefore remain substantially connected to Strathaven, Stonehouse and East Kilbride.

I am employed as a legal adviser and representative by Hamilton Citizen’s Advice Bureau, working mostly with vulnerable social tenants at risk of homelessness living across North and South Lanarkshire local authority areas.

I am embedded in third sector activities across North and South Lanarkshire Council. I have stood as a candidate in local elections on two occasions and was briefly involved in active campaigning including hustings alongside high profile MSPs during the Scottish independence referendum. I have recently become an active member of the economic reform campaign group Global Justice Now.

My employment has helped me to gain a deep insight into the impact of welfare reform policy at national level on the lives of residents of North and South Lanarkshire Council. It is a clear example of how inseparable politics is from the profoundly personal and individual. I therefore wish to focus on welfare reform.


Claire Miller

Edinburgh East (Westminster Constituency)

Claire Miller is the Green councillor for the City Centre ward of Edinburgh Council, and lives in the city centre with her partner. Claire is a member of the council’s Transport and Environment Committee and is working on the environmental impacts of transport policies in Edinburgh such as an effective Low Emission Zone, integrated public transport, and safe, segregated cycling infrastructure. Claire is running for election in Edinburgh East and campaigning for the national transport policies needed to meet our climate goals. This country needs affordable, reliable, low-carbon railways in public ownership so that people can make greener transport choices and play their part in our climate challenge.



Steve Burgess

Edinburgh North and Leith (Westminster Constituency)

Steve Burgess is a Green councillor in Edinburgh and is the Greens' spokesperson on Climate Change and also Education, Children & Families. Steve grew up in North Edinburgh and now lives with his young family in Abbeyhill.  Steve has a PhD in biology and was previously a researcher for Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. Steve says it's vital to raise awareness about the Climate Emergency during the Westminster election and is asking voters to vote Green to send a message that despite Brexit they want urgent action on the Climate Emergency!




Kate Nevens

Edinburgh South (Westminster Constituency)

Kate Nevens is the Scottish Greens candidate for Edinburgh South, where she has lived for 8 years. Kate is the co-convenor of the Edinburgh Greens, and works as a professional facilitator for charities and community groups across Scotland and internationally. She has a background working on rights and equalities for marginalised groups, including youth and women, and on peace and conflict issues in the Middle East.  Kate wants to see the climate emergency addressed as a top priority in this general election, as well as to campaign for a more just and humane immigration and asylum system and to showcase Edinburgh as a welcoming city for all. 


Ben Parker

Edinburgh South West (Westminster Constituency)

Ben Parker has been based in Edinburgh for just over 4 years since moving to the city for university. He works for a Scotland-wide disability housing charity, as well as in a Fairtrade shop. Ben was previously Co-Chair of the Young Greens of England and Wales and is keen to ensure that youth voices are put at the heart of this election campaign. As well as campaigning on the climate emergency, he is excited to talk about the Green vision for a fairer society. That means talking about how we can work towards introducing a universal basic income for all, and securing better employment rights and jobs  for those in paid work, tackling the gender pay gap and scrapping minimum wage age bands. 



Elaine Gunn

Edinburgh West (Westminster Constituency)

Elaine Gunn lives in rural West Edinburgh with her husband and their three young children. She has been a Scottish Greens member since 2014, and is standing to give voters in Edinburgh West the opportunity to vote Green and send a message to Westminster that the Climate Emergency needs to be right at the top of the parliamentary priority list. With a professional background in communications and project management in the public and private sectors, large corporates and SMEs, Elaine will bring a wealth of “real-life” experience to the role of MP for Edinburgh West. Elaine is co-convenor of the Greens’ Women’s Network, and she will be campaigning to prioritise Climate and to keep Scotland inside the EU. 


Elaine Gallagher

Glasgow Central (Westminster Constituency)

I live in Woodlands, Glasgow and have been there for almost 10 years. I am a writer and poet, and I drive buses to pay the bills. 

I am involved in the Rainbow Greens LGBTI+ group generally, previously co-convenor of the group, and specifically on trans rights and the new consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. I am also involved in the Glasgow branch Climate Emergency working group  

I want to campaign to end inequality. Since the financial crash, wages have fallen in real terms and austerity has gutted social services. At the same time rent-seeking billionaires and tax-avoiding corporations have stripped the economy. The economic boom of the 30 years post WWII was achieved by regulating incomes, taxing profits, and building a welfare state. We have to meet the climate emergency with major changes to the economy, and this is how I think we should do it. 


Cass MacGregor

Glasgow North (Westminster Constituency)

Cass was brought up in Blairgowrie, spent some time abroad after education and has lived in Glasgow for the last 10 years. She works as a chronic pain physiotherapist in the NHS and also does research in the same area, based at GCU half the week. She is the branch co-convenor for Glasgow Greens and is particularly motivated by the whole system approach of the Scottish Greens to health, from universal basic income and housing to the limits of economic growth, which is needed to make significant change in Glasgow. 


Dan Hutchison

Glasgow South (Westminster Constituency)

Dan is a local activist and organiser since moving to the southside in 2014. As a student activist turned student officer at the University of the West of Scotland’s Students Union, Dan’s focus has been around student finances and transport accessibility, his main focus is creating a fare-free public transport system that would allow real mobility for the communities that need it most, all while reducing air pollution. Having led the Young Greens over the last year and being on the parties international committee, Dan’s priorities are in promoting silenced voices and working closer with our European friends and partners. As a long time republican and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Dan is an avid supporter of the real change that an independent Scotland could bring. 



Ariane Burgess

Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey (Westminster Constituency)

Originally from Edinburgh, I’ve lived and worked Highlands for ten years. My work is in Sustainable Community Development supporting people to design more sustainable means of living for themselves and their community.

I have first-hand experience of locally-owned renewable energy, local investment, car share schemes, and ways of distributing locally produced food, among other sustainability-related initiatives. I am the lead faculty for a course in sustainable village design, delivering content on governance and decision-making as well as design thinking.

Food security and resilience are a particular passion for me. I have developed an outdoor community-based learning space intended to reconnect people to where food comes from. During my time as a Director of Transition Town Forres, I collaborated with NHS Grampian and several other third sector organisations to deliver the Healthy Eating programme.

Before moving to the Highlands, I lived in New York City, where the issues of climate change are pressing. During my time there, I co-founded the New York Climate Action Group and worked with Time’s Up! an environmental organisation on their sustainable transport campaigns. I designed and delivered climate change curriculums for 9 to10-year-old school children and worked with a team to establish new community gardens in the South Bronx for people of all ages to relearn how to work with nature.

I want to bring my experience in sustainable community development and design thinking to Westminster, so we can take immediate action to respond to the Climate Emergency.


Scott Rutherford

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (Westminster Constituency)

I was born, bred and have worked most of my life in Kirkcaldy. I have spent most of my working life as a carer for the elderly and now I am currently serving as a researcher in the Scottish Parliament. 

In Kirkcaldy I have campaigned on behalf of local residents on issues such as disabled access to train stations, pedestrianising our town centres and divestment of Fife Council pension funds from fossil fuel and arms companies.

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath vitally need a Scottish Green New Deal. I want to ensure we pursue a just transition away from a fossil fuel based economy and re-industrialise Fife by investing in new, well paid and sustainable jobs. In my constituency this needs to include BiFab, which is a large local employer, who already have the staff and skills to be part of this transition towards renewable energy generation. Industry has been neglected in Fife and Greens are fighting to see prosperity return to one of Scotland’s industrial heartlands.  

You can follow our campaign as it develops at :



Gillian Mackay

Linlithgow and East Falkirk (Westminster Constituency)

I live in Falkirk, where I grew up and work as a Parliamentary Assistant to Andy Wightman MSP

I am the Co-convener of Falkirk Greens and the Co-convenor of Scottish Young Greens. In my spare time I am a charity fundraiser with the Rebel Legion. 

The environment and climate change are the biggest issues for me in this election. Some of Scotland's biggest polluters operate within 2 miles of my childhood home, we need a just transition away from polluting industries and towards sustainable manufacturing that provides good jobs for generations to come. Brexit is a big issue in this election however we cannot drop the ball on other issues and allow the Conservatives at Westminster to continue eroding environmental protections and promoting and courting some of our biggest polluters. 


Cameron Glasgow

Livingston (Westminster Constituency)

Cameron Glasgow is the current convenor of the West Lothian Greens and works two jobs in local restaurants in his hometown of Livingston where he has lived his whole life. Concerned about the disastrous state of affairs in the UK parliament and the lack of action to stop climate change, Cameron is hoping to be elected the first ever Scottish Green MP and the youngest ever Scottish MP as he turns 19 during the course of the campaign. As a member of the Greens for the past 2 years Cameron has tirelessly campaigned for radical climate action, Independence and better buses in West Lothian.


David Nairn

North Ayrshire and Arran (Westminster Constituency)

I have lived in Fairlie, a small coastal village in North Ayrshire, for the past 4 years.

I am a marine ecologist and commercial skipper. I manage Clyde Porpoise Community Interest Company, a grassroots community project, engaged in long term marine mammal and environmental monitoring of the Clyde. We conduct acoustic monitoring surveys and have produced unequivocal evidence that the Clyde is an important habitat, and should be recognised for its harbour porpoise population. We work in partnership with research scientists, environmental authorities and provide information to better inform North Ayrshire’s Local Biodiversity Action Plan and the Clyde marine spatial planning framework.

I am an active community councillor in Fairlie, a committee member for Friends of the Firth of Clyde and a community representative on the Hunterston PARC Site Liaison Group. I participate in community focussed activities including voluntary and project work with groups such as Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme and Scottish Coastal Communities Network. During my spare time i can be found clearing plastic from beaches and I regularly take volunteers, refugees, disadvantaged people and community groups out on our survey boat to provide biodiversity awareness trips.

I actively campaign on many marine issues at local and national level. As part of my activities with the Friends of the Firth of Clyde I am currently campaigning for meaningful environmental appraisal of the impacts associated with the Hunterston oil rig decommissioning yard proposals. The developers’ proposals will involve the destructive dredging of Southannan Sands Site of Special Scientific Interest and threatens the existence of rare seagrass and native oyster beds. I believe Ayrshire and Hunterston is the wrong choice for this activity and am encouraging alternative proposals that are better aligned with the environmental sensitivities of the area. I believe there are massive opportunities for job creation and huge potential for positive social impacts across Ayrshire and campaigning for the site to be developed in accordance with Scottish Green New Deal aspirations.

Peter Connolly

West Dunbartonshire (Westminster Constituency)

I was born in Maryhill before moving to Drumchapel, where I lived for 30 years. For the last 25 years, I have lived at my present home in Bearsden.

I joined the Scottish Greens in 2014 about a month or so before the referendum vote and am at present co-convenor of the Dunbartonshire Branch.

The Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge facing all of us today, but we must not allow ourselves to forget the cruel injustice poverty brings to millions of people in Britain today. 

I joined the Scottish Greens in 2014 because I share the Party’s strong commitment of bringing to an end to the social injustice and misery of poverty, through policies such as, the introduction a Basic Citizens Income, a living wage for all, and creating a National Investment Bank 

These radical proposals, along with the Green New Deal prove that, not only do we have the means to overcome the climate challenge but in achieving this, we can improve the quality of life for everyone creating a fairer and a more just Nation.


Tom McLaughlin

Falkirk (Westminster Constituency)

Tom is the Scottish Greens candidate for Falkirk, where has been based for almost 15 years. He works as an IT consultant. 

Tom's prioirty issue is homelessness. He says "we should all be embarrassed that government policy for one of the richest countries on the planet finds it acceptable for people to sleep on the streets".



Bryan Quinn

Stirling (Westminster Constituency)

Bryan lives in Alloa with his wife and 2 young kids. He works in financial services. Outside of work, he is Director of Clackmannanshire Credit Union and a member of Alloa Community Council. He is campaigning for a Green New Deal to make Scotland fit to deal with the climate emergency and create jobs for generations to come.