Our Future Is Green

During the next parliament, a huge number of the social and environmental protections which have been achieved within the European Union will be transferred to the UK, where many Conservatives are openly calling for a bonfire of regulations. This will literally put people’s lives on the line.

Greens led the way in achieving much of what’s now at risk, from capping bankers’ bonuses to controlling toxic chemicals. We need a Green voice to stand up for these protections.

The UK Government’s cuts agenda is unnecessary, and wrong. It’s wrong because it’s destroying people’s lives, but it’s also wrong because it’s a failure to invest in the new, sustainable economic future we need.

Greens have been the only party opposing ever bigger subsidies and tax breaks for the big polluters, and we have a plan to create over 200,000 high quality jobs for Scotland in the new economy. We need a Green voice to stand up for this investment in our future.

What was once a social security system to be proud of, looking after us all from cradle to grave, is now serving the needs of big business, enabling poverty wages and exploitation at work. Greens will make the case for a social security system based on a Universal Basic Income. We need a Green voice to stand up for everyone’s right to live with dignity, free from the fear of poverty.

We need a Green voice who will stand up for what matters, and help build a confident and caring society. This election was called for opportunistic reasons by a Prime Minister who seeks a power-grab at Westminster, and who refuses to allow the people of Scotland to choose their own future after the false promises of the Brexiteers. By necessity, we are forced to run a tightly focused campaign in a small number of seats. But by doing so, we’re giving Scotland the best chance it has had to send a Green voice to Westminster, to make the case no other party is making for the sustainable, fair and decent society we know this country can become.

Patrick Harvie
Scottish Green Party candidate, Glasgow North