It’s August and festival time in Edinburgh.

Our capital city welcomes the world and we want to make the most of this opportunity.

Edinburgh City Council wants to raise a transient visitor levy, or tourist tax, of a couple of pounds per-room per-night that every visitor pays, to raise millions of pounds in revenue for local culture and the infrastructure that residents and visitors use. Sadly, the Scottish Government is blocking the plan.

We think councils should have the right to raise a visitor levy. If you do too, please sign our petition:

The Scottish Government should respect local democracy and allow local councils, such as Edinburgh, to broaden their local tax base and to be permitted to raise a Transient Visitor Levy if they feel it would be beneficial for their citizens.

The Transient Visitor Levy, or 'tourist tax', is a popular and sensible tax which has brought direct benefits to local residents and the local tourist industry in the many European cities where it has already been introduced.

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