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We are on the brink of revolutionary change: thoughts on #BernieSanders

Maggie Chapman Sat 27 Feb, 2016

I shared a platform last night with Bernie Sanders’s brother, Oxford-based Larry, who is campaigning as part of #BritainforBernie and came to speak in Edinburgh. Here is my speech:

I’d like to begin by welcoming Larry to Scotland. February is maybe not everyone’s idea of the best time to visit, but I hope the sunshine and snowdrops are making the iciness bearable.

David MacLennan: a cultural legacy

Maggie Chapman Sun 21 Feb, 2016

This evening I had the huge honour of introducing and presenting a portrait of the late David MacLennan to his widow, Juliet Cadzow. Oran Mor hosted this event, and the painting, commissioned by Democratic Left Scotland and painted by Sandy Moffat, will have a home there for the foreseeable future. Here is a copy of the portrait, and the text of my speech.

Good evening everyone. Thank you to Dave (Anderson) for that introduction.

Routes to Independence

Maggie Chapman Sat 20 Feb, 2016

Speech from the opening plenary of the Radical Independence Conference, 20 February 2016, in Edinburgh.

No detriment and the weakness of Smith

Maggie Chapman Thu 11 Feb, 2016

We’ve heard much about no detriment this week, with the Scottish Government and most members of the Smith Commission being at odds, unsurprisingly, with the UK Government, about the design and impact of the new Fiscal Framework for Scotland given the limited devolution of further powers.

The Smith Commission report was not what we, as Greens, wanted. It didn’t go far enough to give Scotland the powers it needs to create an economy and society fit for the future. It was always going to lead to the situation we see now, perhaps even more so with a Tory government.

It’s time Scotland had its own Green MEP

Maggie Chapman Wed 7 May, 2014

People who have been at the many events at which I have spoken in this campaign will have picked up, if they have a fine-tuned ear, that I was not born in Scotland. I’m originally from southern Africa, where my early attitudes, politics and instincts for justice were forged in the great struggles of that part of the continent these last 50 years.