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Mark Ruskell asks voters in Fife to vote Green on May 4th

Scott Rutherford Mon 1 May, 2017

It was great to have Mark Ruskell MSP - Scottish Greens​ along at the weekend.

Over the last few months we've really put the case forward for what Green councillors will do for Fife. Now we can make that happen and Vote Green #1 on Thursday 4th May #VoteGreen2017

My pledge to carers and care workers in Fife

Scott Rutherford Wed 26 Apr, 2017

To all my former colleagues in the care sector and friends looking after loved ones, we value you!

My council campaign video

Scott Rutherford Fri 14 Apr, 2017

Here's a wee video we did for last week, laying out some of our intentions for the next five years.

I’m standing for the Scottish Greens because I want to represent a voice neglected within Fife Council, a bolder, fresher voice that puts a radical
approach at the heart of local government.

Education budget cuts - my letter to Fife Free Press

Scott Rutherford Mon 3 Apr, 2017

In my letter to Fife Free Press today I said:

As acknowledged by teachers’ union EIS and hundreds of concerned local residents, the £3m being cut from Fife Council’s education budget appears likely to result in staffing cuts: an issue of great concern to Mid Fife Greens. 

Schools across Fife are already being affected by staffing shortages, and stress is becoming an increasing issue for the remaining staff who are required to deal with the impacts of this. 

Fife Greens oppose fracking

Scott Rutherford Fri 17 Mar, 2017

Fife Greens are committed to supporting renewables and opposing fracking and other methods of unconventional gas extraction, including underground coal gasification (UCG).

Fife has a beautiful coastline and countryside, which would be at huge risk from fracking. We believe that fracking and other unconventional fossil fuel methods have no place in Scotland – to make a fair contribution to international climate change efforts we will have to leave some fossil fuels in the ground and unburnt.

Better public transport for Fife

Scott Rutherford Fri 17 Mar, 2017

The Scottish Green Party believes that regulating buses and bringing rail travel back into public hands can create an affordable, reliable public transport system for Scotland.

We believe that bus companies should be there to provide the service that people need, not what the company wants to provide.  Too many people are under-served by local buses, as less profitable routes (e.g. to Kinghorn and Auchtertool) are reduced or withdrawn. Rural areas and deprived communities are particularly hard hit by service cuts and high fares.

Supporting local businesses in Fife

Scott Rutherford Fri 17 Mar, 2017

Our town-centres have seen a lot of change recently, including the closure of BHS and Tesco in Kirkcaldy. However, it has also seen a number of new businesses moving in.

The transformation of the old McDonald’s, for example, has enriched the choice of products and services on the High Street, with the addition of a coffee shop, an independent farm shop, and an ice cream parlour.

We support an economy with local businesses and social enterprises at the centre. These strengthen the community, putting local jobs, social and environmental benefits at the core.