Below you can read all responses receive to the Proposed Restricted Roads (20mph Limit) (Scotland) Bill. We will aim to upload all responses within one week of receiving them.

Consultation responses that requested to be anonymous have had name and contact details redacted. Consultation responses that requested to be confidential have not been published below.

A summary report of the consultation responses has been produced by the Scottish Parliament Non-governmental Bills Unit and is available here.


ID-62124663 (Bonnyrigg Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-62128095 (Co Chair Holy Trinity PS)_0.pdf ID-62128121 (North Berwick Community Council)_0.pdf ID-62138025 (St John Ogilvie RC Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-62152407 (Edzell Primary School Parents)_0.pdf ID-62890926 (Tarradale Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-62935181 (Aberdeenshire Council)_0.pdf ID-62955003 (Dufftown and District Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-62991917 (West Coats Parent Council Road Safety Team)_0.pdf ID-63138854 (Avoch and Killen Community Council)_0.pdf ID-63285813 (Ramblers Scotland)_0.pdf ID-63450909 (GOLSPIE Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-63488171 (Alford Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-63506163 (Palnackie Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-63509014 (Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow)_0.pdf ID-63618227 (Guide Dogs Scotland)_0.pdf
ID-63819699 (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar)_0.pdf ID-63834766 (Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign)_0.pdf ID-63837097 (NHS Health Scotland)_0.pdf ID-63845752 (St. Andrews School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-63852612 (Cycling UK)_0.pdf ID-63883154 (Pedal on Parliament)_0.pdf ID-63888649 (Brake)_0.pdf ID-63894131 (Living Streets Edinburgh Group)_0.pdf
ID-63914967 (Oyne Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-63941623 (IAM RoadSmart)_0.pdf ID-63971225 (20's Plenty for Us)_0.pdf ID-63980087 (Whiting Bay Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID - 57702536 (Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 57705708 (Cruden Bay Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 57726139 (Free Wheel North)_0.pdf ID - 57754664 (St. Andrew's First Aid)_0.pdf
ID - 57778881 (GoBike! Strathclyde Cycle Campaign)_0.pdf ID - 57853949 (The Kintyre Crime Prevention Panel)_0.pdf ID - 57873458 (Kilmaurs Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58215097 (Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58397848 (Huntly Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58564735 (Auchencairn Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58570423 (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Travel Plan Manager)_0.pdf ID - 58591633 (Parent Council Birkhill Primary School)_0.pdf
ID - 58593190 (Abernethy Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf id - 58622418 (Hillside Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58622577 (Alvie Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58624758 (Burnfoot Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58626978 (St Andrew's Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58632863 (Montrose Academy)_0.pdf ID - 58665746 (Sgoil Uig Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58716867 (St. Andrew's RC Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58720321 (Wallacewell Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58720747 (Queensferry Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58751571 (Barrhead HighSchool Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58761516 (Longridge Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58774355 (St. Fillan's Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58775287 (New Elgin Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58792969 (Keig School)_0.pdf ID - 58810210 (Belmont, Kincaidston and St. Leonards Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58813697 (Dunvegan and District Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58828326 (Dounby Community School Parent Group)_0.pdf ID - 58846922 (James Aiton Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58848411 (Balfron Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58850518 (Avoch and Killen Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58864620 (Kinneff Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 58875524 (Ardersier and Petty Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 58894876 (Pollokshaws & Eastwood Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 58903289 (Isle of Arran Community Forum)_0.pdf ID - 58953730 (Deerpark Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 59051879 (Torry Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 59068045 (Northmuir Parent Partnership Northmuir Primary School)_0.pdf
ID - 59074959 (Foyers Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 59201010 (Maryhill and Summerston Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 59228142 (Newcastleton Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 59269744 (Evie Community School Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID - 59373801 (Dulnain Bridge Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 59450477 (Roslin & Bilston Community Council)_0.pdf ID - 59484082 (Tomintoul Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 59501243 (Kincardine Community Council)_0.pdf
ID - 59501523 (Friends of the Earth West Fife)_0.pdf ID - 59519818 (Blairhall Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID - 59525494 (Murroes & Wellbank Community Council)_0.pdf ID- 60382315 (Dunbar Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-58316269 (Orkney Islands Council)_0.pdf ID-58561703 (The Royal Burgh of Lochmaben and District Community Council)_0.pdf ID-58774301 (Inverbrothock Primary School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-59093806 (Burnmouth Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-59134754 (Beauly Community Council)_0.pdf ID-59144570 (Fife Council)_0.pdf ID-59325863 (New Cumnock Community Council)_0.pdf ID-59552326 (Inverurie Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-59648172 (Broxburn Academy Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-59684036 (Phil Jones Associates Ltd)_0.pdf ID-59690119 (Shetland Islands Council)_0.pdf ID-59740761 (MW Brunsdon Radiocommunications)_0.pdf
ID-59758337 (Iochdar Community Council)(2)_0.pdf ID-59775898 (Bo'ness Public School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-59788051 (Killearn Community Council)_0.pdf ID-59844934 (Lossiemouth Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-59856825 (Mintlaw & District Community Council)_0.pdf ID-59982076 (Playing Out CIC)_0.pdf ID-60009361 (St Luke's Primary School, Kilwinning)_0.pdf ID-60015148 (Dalneigh Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-60039050 (Scottish Cycling)_0.pdf ID-60077496 (Ayr Grammar Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-60163459 (St Johns Town of Dalry Community Council)_0.pdf ID-60225529 (Creich and Flisk Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-60265945(Errol Community Council)_0.pdf ID-60358687 (Westcotec Traffic Safety Systems)_0.pdf ID-60464505 (Castletown Community Council)_0.pdf ID-60505599 (St Abbs Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-60515779 (Living Streets Scotland)_0.pdf ID-60717744 (Strathmartine Community Council)_0.pdf ID-60843593 (Cranhill Community Council)_0.pdf ID-60893450 (East Renfrewshire Council)_0.pdf
ID-61023404 (Conon Bridge Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61091738 (Paisley East & Whitehaugh Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61365613(Oban High School Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-61374539 (Kirkwall and St Ola Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-61444658 (Mastrick, Sheddocksley & Summerhill Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61507252 (Ferintosh Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61553277 (Denholm & District Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61556180 (Ladywell PS Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-61556755 (Lmps parents group)_0.pdf ID-61672796 (Eskbank & Newbattle Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61696526 (Muckhart Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61727220 (Cycle Stirling)_0.pdf
ID-61749200 (Balmaghie Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61779230 (Dennistoun Community Council)_0.pdf ID-61789694 (St Patrick's Primary School, Denny - Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-61816682 (Kinross Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-61850606 (Glasgow City Council)_0.pdf ID-61870534 (Banff Academy Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-61878054 (South Lanarkshire Council - Underbank Primary School)_0.pdf ID-61902562 (Paths for All)_0.pdf
ID-61905818 (Transform Scotland)_0.pdf ID-61964723 (City of Edinburgh Council)_0.pdf ID-61966604 (Stow Community Council and Stow Road Safety Campaign)_0.pdf ID-61995681 (Dunlop and Lugton Community Council)_0.pdf
ID-62011507 (Alliance of British Drivers)_0.pdf ID-62015312 (Achaleven Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-62045059 (Bishopmill Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf ID-62048997 (Ulva Primary Parent Council)_0.pdf
ID-62102607 (Roy Bridge and Achnacarry Community Council)_0.pdf ID-62108179 (Dervaig Primary School)_0.pdf ID-62122690(Kiltarlity Community Council)_0.pdf Response by PACTS to consultation by Mark Ruskell MSP.pdf


ID-64006112.pdf ID-64007069.pdf ID-64011740.pdf ID-64011757.pdf
ID-64015041.pdf ID-64019461.pdf ID-64019949.pdf ID-64022454.pdf
ID-64022610.pdf ID-64025232.pdf ID-64025603.pdf ID-64027075.pdf
ID-64027338.pdf ID-64028436.pdf ID-64028965.pdf ID-64030316.pdf
ID-64030370.pdf ID-64030960.pdf ID-64032449.pdf ID-64034659.pdf
ID-64034712.pdf ID-64035299.pdf ID-64036285.pdf ID-64036971.pdf
ID-590705236.pdf ID-595355288.pdf ID - 57621304.pdf ID - 57624393.pdf
ID - 57630444.pdf ID - 57632314.pdf ID - 57633159.pdf ID - 57640069.pdf
ID - 57643158.pdf ID - 57643584.pdf ID - 57656542.pdf ID - 57662021.pdf
ID - 57670316.pdf ID - 57671003.pdf ID - 57672129.pdf ID - 57673158.pdf
ID - 57681312.pdf ID - 57681834.pdf ID - 57683881.pdf ID - 57684333.pdf
ID - 57686298.pdf ID - 57689118.pdf ID - 57690931.pdf ID - 57691680.pdf
ID - 57691829.pdf ID - 57693601.pdf ID - 57695027.pdf ID - 57695155.pdf
ID - 57695226.pdf ID - 57695590.pdf ID - 57695923.pdf ID - 57698441.pdf
ID - 57698703.pdf ID - 57698785.pdf ID - 57700463.pdf ID - 57701182.pdf
ID - 57701856.pdf ID - 57702397.pdf ID - 57703018.pdf ID - 57703110.pdf
ID - 57704301.pdf ID - 57705161.pdf ID - 57706104.pdf ID - 57706839.pdf
ID - 57707754.pdf ID - 57708073.pdf ID - 57710972.pdf ID - 57712934.pdf
ID - 57713537.pdf ID - 57715916.pdf ID - 57717267.pdf ID - 57720338.pdf
ID - 57720375.pdf ID - 57720639.pdf ID - 57721819.pdf ID - 57722332.pdf
ID - 57723143.pdf ID - 57723350.pdf ID - 57723363.pdf ID - 57723925.pdf
ID - 57724215.pdf ID - 57725025.pdf ID - 57729394.pdf ID - 57729529.pdf
ID - 57729662.pdf ID - 57730453.pdf ID - 57731340.pdf ID - 57732073.pdf
ID - 57733805.pdf ID - 57736992.pdf ID - 57742935.pdf ID - 57744391.pdf
ID - 57747037.pdf ID - 57751949.pdf ID - 57753085.pdf ID - 57758250.pdf
ID - 57770914.pdf ID - 57789198.pdf ID - 57795959.pdf ID - 57797343.pdf
ID - 57799003.pdf ID - 57801300.pdf ID - 57801324.pdf ID - 57803658.pdf
ID - 57809350.pdf ID - 57810850.pdf ID - 57811021.pdf ID - 57813808.pdf
ID - 57816592.pdf ID - 57830858.pdf ID - 57848784.pdf ID - 57853311.pdf
ID - 57856107.pdf ID - 57860450.pdf ID - 57874133.pdf ID - 57878775.pdf
ID - 57880655.pdf ID - 57885094.pdf ID - 57885107.pdf ID - 57917866.pdf
ID - 57937984.pdf ID - 57940887.pdf ID - 57942408.pdf ID - 57942612.pdf
ID - 57945345.pdf ID - 57950828.pdf ID - 57954893.pdf ID - 57960566.pdf
ID - 57967844.pdf ID - 58057813.pdf ID - 58085182.pdf ID - 58109037.pdf
ID - 58109240.pdf ID - 58122796.pdf ID - 58174951.pdf ID - 58203783.pdf
ID - 58207804.pdf ID - 58226856.pdf ID - 58234641.pdf ID - 58252757.pdf
ID - 58255492.pdf ID - 58309937.pdf ID - 58327956.pdf ID - 58339225.pdf
ID - 58343163.pdf ID - 58358806.pdf ID - 58384268.pdf ID - 58407672.pdf
ID - 58409875.pdf ID - 58410360.pdf ID - 58415711.pdf ID - 58415802.pdf
ID - 58418477.pdf ID - 58419370.pdf ID - 58420791.pdf ID - 58420856.pdf
ID - 58433249.pdf ID - 58434835.pdf ID - 58436502.pdf ID - 58442953.pdf
ID - 58459990.pdf ID - 58463903.pdf ID - 58473603.pdf ID - 58476969.pdf
ID - 58523476.pdf ID - 58537213.pdf ID - 58538444.pdf ID - 58547003.pdf
ID - 58567250.pdf id - 58572081.pdf id - 58584594.pdf ID - 58585755.pdf
ID - 58585763.pdf ID - 58591576.pdf ID - 58602893.pdf ID - 58603513.pdf
ID - 58603668.pdf ID - 58604566.pdf ID - 58605235.pdf ID - 58605287.pdf
ID - 58608186.pdf ID - 58609107.pdf ID - 58609757.pdf ID - 58611769.pdf
ID - 58615122.pdf ID - 58615977.pdf ID - 58616831.pdf id - 58617467.pdf
ID - 58620323.pdf ID - 58620370.pdf ID - 58621456.pdf ID - 58622784.pdf
ID - 58623994.pdf ID - 58625125.pdf ID - 58628856.pdf ID - 58630549.pdf
ID - 58632363.pdf ID - 58632487.pdf ID - 58637520.pdf ID - 58640369.pdf
ID - 58644947.pdf ID - 58649661.pdf ID - 58657079.pdf ID - 58659667.pdf
ID - 58672521.pdf ID - 58689648.pdf ID - 58690902.pdf ID - 58705373.pdf
ID - 58713895.pdf ID - 58714043.pdf ID - 58715623.pdf ID - 58717418.pdf
ID - 58719148.pdf ID - 58720704.pdf ID - 58721116.pdf ID - 58721235.pdf
ID - 58722753.pdf ID - 58727180.pdf ID - 58730125.pdf ID - 58732407.pdf
ID - 58733095.pdf ID - 58751571.pdf ID - 58763695.pdf ID - 58763813.pdf
ID - 58764237.pdf ID - 58764569.pdf ID - 58764893.pdf ID - 58765247.pdf
ID - 58777486.pdf ID - 58781214.pdf ID - 58781797.pdf ID - 58785595.pdf
ID - 58793534.pdf ID - 58794307.pdf ID - 58794697.pdf ID - 58796086.pdf
ID - 58797137.pdf ID - 58799497.pdf ID - 58803470.pdf ID - 58812253.pdf
ID - 58814272.pdf ID - 58815258.pdf ID - 58817228.pdf ID - 58819749.pdf
ID - 58820694.pdf ID - 58821801.pdf ID - 58826675.pdf ID - 58828218.pdf
ID - 58838021.pdf ID - 58839187.pdf ID - 58847690.pdf ID - 58852240.pdf
ID - 58856643.pdf ID - 58863766.pdf ID - 58865735.pdf ID - 58872636.pdf
ID - 58875100.pdf ID - 58878141.pdf ID - 58885190.pdf ID - 58895957.pdf
ID - 58902473.pdf ID - 58904731.pdf ID - 58905540.pdf ID - 58908263.pdf
ID - 58909836.pdf ID - 58909965.pdf ID - 58910480.pdf ID - 58912953.pdf
ID - 58914037.pdf ID - 58916043.pdf ID - 58917987.pdf ID - 58920398.pdf
ID - 58921759.pdf ID - 58928590.pdf ID - 58931428.pdf ID - 58931651.pdf
ID - 58932433.pdf ID - 58933794.pdf ID - 58933801.pdf ID - 58935096.pdf
ID - 58936952.pdf ID - 58936970.pdf ID - 58937104.pdf ID - 58938366.pdf
ID - 58939919.pdf ID - 58942997.pdf ID - 58943124.pdf ID - 58943482.pdf
ID - 58954660.pdf ID - 58955205.pdf ID - 58957905.pdf ID - 58959111.pdf
ID - 58978327.pdf ID - 58980655.pdf ID - 58982119.pdf ID - 58983197.pdf
ID - 58998091.pdf ID - 59007105.pdf ID - 59009694.pdf ID - 59022272.pdf
ID - 59023146.pdf ID - 59044432.pdf ID - 59045047.pdf ID - 59046589.pdf
ID - 59046661.pdf ID - 59049143.pdf ID - 59049377.pdf ID - 59053549.pdf
ID - 59064975.pdf ID - 59068504.pdf ID - 59068953.pdf ID - 59079503.pdf
ID - 59081071.pdf ID - 59087673.pdf ID - 59092228.pdf ID - 59112395.pdf
ID - 59113357.pdf ID - 59113925.pdf ID - 59117883.pdf ID - 59119511.pdf
ID - 59137436.pdf ID - 59152893.pdf ID - 59153472.pdf ID - 59182525.pdf
ID - 59190161.pdf ID - 59195130.pdf ID - 59196906.pdf ID - 59198026.pdf
ID - 59200417.pdf ID - 59201122.pdf ID - 59201616.pdf ID - 59202684.pdf
ID - 59203468.pdf ID - 59204062.pdf ID - 59204247.pdf ID - 59225386.pdf
ID - 59225931.pdf ID - 59228956.pdf ID - 59239605.pdf ID - 59251251.pdf
ID - 59258153.pdf ID - 59258180.pdf ID - 59258229.pdf ID - 59258277.pdf
ID - 59258378.pdf ID - 59261080.pdf ID - 59261127.pdf ID - 59263423.pdf
ID - 59274127.pdf ID - 59281369.pdf ID - 59283055.pdf ID - 59284021.pdf
ID - 59288320.pdf ID - 59289630.pdf ID - 59290259.pdf ID - 59291359.pdf
ID - 59292062.pdf ID - 59294577.pdf ID - 59295464.pdf ID - 59295487.pdf
ID - 59297051.pdf ID - 59308052.pdf ID - 59308615.pdf ID - 59308631.pdf
ID - 59309371.pdf ID - 59310690.pdf ID - 59310816.pdf ID - 59310950.pdf
ID - 59311653.pdf ID - 59312629.pdf ID - 59320669.pdf ID - 59322065.pdf
ID - 59322427.pdf ID - 59325178.pdf ID - 59325632.pdf ID - 59326369.pdf
ID - 59327211.pdf ID - 59328754.pdf ID - 59329507.pdf ID - 59331198.pdf
ID - 59333130.pdf ID - 59339988.pdf ID - 59348477.pdf ID - 59354896.pdf
ID - 59374596.pdf id - 59376946.pdf ID - 59377032.pdf ID - 59381451.pdf
ID - 59382858.pdf ID - 59389824.pdf ID - 59389841.pdf ID - 59399144.pdf
ID - 59406047.pdf ID - 59407448.pdf ID - 59408517.pdf ID - 59414497.pdf
ID - 59432612.pdf ID - 59436630.pdf ID - 59439003.pdf ID - 59482065.pdf
ID - 59498349.pdf ID - 59498920.pdf ID - 59499989.pdf ID - 59500012.pdf
ID - 59500733.pdf ID - 59501531.pdf ID - 59501697.pdf ID - 59502100.pdf
ID - 59502534.pdf ID - 59503119.pdf ID - 59505583.pdf ID - 59507198.pdf
ID - 59859343.pdf ID-59931.pdf ID-5777882.pdf ID-6010050.pdf
ID-6772677.pdf ID-58316269.pdf ID-58561703.pdf ID-58830929.pdf
ID-58838148.pdf ID-58848609.pdf ID-59065139.pdf ID-59093806.pdf
ID-59144570.pdf ID-59202642.pdf ID-59311943.pdf ID-59535528.pdf
ID-59535774.pdf ID-59547933.pdf ID-59553456.pdf ID-59553474.pdf
ID-59558030.pdf ID-59561724.pdf ID-59564824.pdf ID-59566676.pdf
ID-59567744.pdf ID-59568098.pdf ID-59574979.pdf ID-59579644.pdf
ID-59586593.pdf ID-59595586.pdf ID-59608245.pdf ID-59611354.pdf
ID-59611420.pdf ID-59611644.pdf ID-59617650.pdf ID-59619576.pdf
ID-59622002.pdf ID-59623956.pdf ID-59631616.pdf ID-59636862.pdf
ID-59649591.pdf ID-59662864.pdf ID-59665786.pdf ID-59672754.pdf
ID-59673317.pdf ID-59673967.pdf ID-59686069.pdf ID-59686445.pdf
ID-59695493.pdf ID-59696054.pdf ID-59699703.pdf ID-59705236.pdf
ID-59706812.pdf ID-59712161.pdf ID-59712401.pdf ID-59712616.pdf
ID-59721550.pdf ID-59723985.pdf ID-59724789.pdf ID-59727822.pdf
ID-59731519.pdf ID-59732377.pdf ID-59740138.pdf ID-59740761.pdf
ID-59744670.pdf ID-59749096.pdf ID-59754906.pdf ID-59757882.pdf
ID-59758304.pdf ID-59761505.pdf ID-59766951.pdf ID-59772898.pdf
ID-59789101.pdf ID-59800424.pdf ID-59807589.pdf ID-59816400.pdf
ID-59830075.pdf ID-59831379.pdf ID-59832498.pdf ID-59841534.pdf
ID-59844193.pdf ID-59844379.pdf ID-59850115.pdf ID-59852577.pdf
ID-59852952.pdf ID-59856825.pdf ID-59857884.pdf ID-59864999.pdf
ID-59871671.pdf ID-59882068.pdf ID-59882149.pdf ID-59883409.pdf
ID-59884205.pdf ID-59885645.pdf ID-59892679.pdf ID-59894223.pdf
ID-59895705.pdf ID-59903684.pdf ID-59910303.pdf ID-59916660.pdf
ID-59917759.pdf ID-59920561.pdf ID-59923424.pdf ID-59923549.pdf
ID-59925268.pdf ID-59925721.pdf ID-59934159.pdf ID-59935697.pdf
ID-59939837.pdf ID-59943775.pdf ID-59963363.pdf ID-59982076.pdf
ID-59985369.pdf ID-59998441.pdf ID-59999989.pdf ID-60000155.pdf
ID-60000872.pdf ID-60009683.pdf ID-60023134.pdf ID-60026151.pdf
ID-60052323.pdf ID-60061869.pdf ID-60062658.pdf ID-60063472.pdf
ID-60063504.pdf ID-60063833.pdf ID-60066682.pdf ID-60078305.pdf
ID-60084564.pdf ID-60091717.pdf ID-60101167.pdf ID-60103310.pdf
ID-60106137.pdf ID-60107057.pdf ID-60118386.pdf ID-60118432.pdf
ID-60121031.pdf ID-60121874.pdf ID-60123248.pdf ID-60130271.pdf
ID-60144868.pdf ID-60144869.pdf ID-60154044.pdf ID-60163459.pdf
ID-60190073.pdf ID-60214415.pdf ID-60225529.pdf ID-60235752.pdf
ID-60236929.pdf ID-60265945.pdf ID-60290854.pdf ID-60293316.pdf
ID-60299393.pdf ID-60302311.pdf ID-60327527.pdf ID-60360376.pdf
ID-60363475.pdf ID-60366841.pdf ID-60369234.pdf ID-60376999.pdf
ID-60382315.pdf ID-60398145.pdf ID-60446444.pdf ID-60456693.pdf
ID-60456827.pdf ID-60464505.pdf ID-60489793.pdf ID-60491496.pdf
ID-60496062.pdf ID-60497169.pdf ID-60497199.pdf ID-60499454.pdf
ID-60499726.pdf ID-60500041.pdf ID-60505599.pdf ID-60543688.pdf
ID-60556511.pdf ID-60559017.pdf ID-60717744.pdf ID-60782456.pdf
ID-60825057.pdf ID-60836697.pdf ID-60840643.pdf ID-60843593.pdf
ID-60898066.pdf ID-60901987.pdf ID-60904671.pdf ID-60941805.pdf
ID-60952728.pdf ID-60979288.pdf ID-60979289.pdf ID-61005063.pdf
ID-61023404.pdf ID-61194809.pdf ID-61218059.pdf ID-61342074.pdf
ID-61343882.pdf ID-61345663.pdf ID-61352737.pdf ID-61353619.pdf
ID-61365613.pdf ID-61369163.pdf ID-61374539.pdf ID-61384852.pdf
ID-61408363.pdf ID-61411029.pdf ID-61411458.pdf ID-61444658.pdf
ID-61488357.pdf ID-61507252.pdf ID-61507787.pdf ID-61553277.pdf
ID-61553739.pdf ID-61553822.pdf ID-61556180.pdf ID-61556755.pdf
ID-61565177.pdf ID-61566562.pdf ID-61568735.pdf ID-61568966.pdf
ID-61575064.pdf ID-61578010.pdf ID-61578142.pdf ID-61578496.pdf
ID-61581115.pdf ID-61583426.pdf ID-61588391.pdf ID-61588399.pdf
ID-61588813.pdf ID-61591515.pdf ID-61593496.pdf ID-61597331.pdf
ID-61598954.pdf ID-61600145.pdf ID-61608094.pdf ID-61627561.pdf
ID-61641955.pdf ID-61642172.pdf ID-61648018.pdf ID-61663355.pdf
ID-61672796.pdf ID-61694896.pdf ID-61696526.pdf ID-61706738.pdf
ID-61713271.pdf ID-61717019.pdf ID-61721305.pdf ID-61723281.pdf
ID-61727220.pdf ID-61741211.pdf ID-61747322.pdf ID-61749200.pdf
ID-61779230.pdf ID-61783950.pdf ID-61789153.pdf ID-61789403.pdf
ID-61789694.pdf ID-61791272.pdf ID-61802123.pdf ID-61803799.pdf
ID-61804456.pdf ID-61804457.pdf ID-61805679.pdf ID-61815080.pdf
ID-61815081.pdf ID-61815761.pdf ID-61816682.pdf ID-61825859.pdf
ID-61827232.pdf ID-61853257.pdf ID-61855672.pdf ID-61856563.pdf
ID-61857055.pdf ID-61858226.pdf ID-61861335.pdf ID-61862475.pdf
ID-61863099.pdf ID-61866916.pdf ID-61868034.pdf ID-61868119.pdf
id-61869904.pdf ID-61869905.pdf ID-61870534.pdf ID-61871278.pdf
ID-61871732.pdf ID-61879054.pdf ID-61881957.pdf ID-61892903.pdf
ID-61898946.pdf ID-61902562.pdf ID-61928154.pdf ID-61953696.pdf
ID-61960013.pdf ID-61960014.pdf ID-61964723.pdf ID-61975486.pdf
ID-61976736.pdf ID-61989932.pdf ID-61995681.pdf ID-62011507.pdf
ID-62015844.pdf ID-62022664.pdf ID-62029320.pdf ID-62032705.pdf
ID-62033254.pdf ID-62045059.pdf ID-62102607.pdf ID-62108179.pdf
ID-62124663.pdf ID-62143159.pdf ID-62154164.pdf ID-62197889.pdf
ID-62278402.pdf ID-62322695.pdf ID-62327225.pdf ID-62419304.pdf
ID-62423996.pdf ID-62469354.pdf ID-62551288.pdf ID-62644243.pdf
ID-62695503.pdf ID-62750115.pdf ID-62819120.pdf ID-62819886.pdf
ID-62824677.pdf ID-62867327.pdf ID-62875160.pdf ID-62877532.pdf
ID-62898933.pdf ID-62899372.pdf ID-62940482.pdf ID-62940903.pdf
ID-62940922.pdf ID-62941245.pdf ID-62941623.pdf ID-62942466.pdf
ID-62942620.pdf ID-62943183.pdf ID-62944068.pdf ID-62944472.pdf
ID-62944686.pdf ID-62944800.pdf ID-62945424.pdf ID-62945673.pdf
ID-62945932.pdf ID-62955523.pdf ID-62956690.pdf ID-62956822.pdf
ID-62957203.pdf ID-62958356.pdf ID-62964664.pdf ID-62966352.pdf
ID-62966864.pdf ID-62967343.pdf ID-62967431.pdf ID-62968705.pdf
ID-62971342.pdf ID-62972259.pdf ID-62974615.pdf ID-62975062.pdf
ID-62976558.pdf ID-62976812.pdf ID-62977606.pdf ID-62978541.pdf
ID-62981833.pdf ID-62983760.pdf ID-62993297.pdf ID-62998441.pdf
ID-63000107.pdf ID-63001229.pdf ID-63016568.pdf ID-63018188.pdf
ID-63022695.pdf ID-63023709.pdf ID-63027033.pdf ID-63028568.pdf
ID-63029154.pdf ID-63044818.pdf ID-63088644.pdf ID-63103249.pdf
ID-63120063.pdf ID-63121717.pdf ID-63122529.pdf ID-63126079.pdf
ID-63132661.pdf ID-63133088.pdf ID-63133770.pdf ID-63134100.pdf
ID-63135330.pdf ID-63135600.pdf ID-63136920.pdf ID-63155258.pdf
ID-63219219.pdf ID-63247729.pdf ID-63251476.pdf ID-63283904.pdf
ID-63297205.pdf ID-63298958.pdf ID-63301046.pdf ID-63313378.pdf
ID-63316116.pdf ID-63316907.pdf ID-63319283.pdf ID-63320096.pdf
ID-63335223.pdf ID-63354941.pdf ID-63358238.pdf ID-63389849.pdf
ID-63404198.pdf ID-63405597.pdf ID-63415738.pdf ID-63433755.pdf
ID-63440180.pdf ID-63459360.pdf ID-63461118.pdf ID-63466300.pdf
ID-63466669.pdf ID-63469932.pdf ID-63471624.pdf ID-63474906.pdf
ID-63493917.pdf ID-63518802.pdf ID-63525322.pdf ID-63567907.pdf
ID-63572748.pdf ID-63583775.pdf ID-63627852.pdf ID-63661879.pdf
ID-63662259.pdf ID-63662877.pdf ID-63664499.pdf ID-63665574.pdf
ID-63665663.pdf ID-63675483.pdf ID-63677097.pdf ID-63682214.pdf
ID-63715830.pdf ID-63729892.pdf ID-63732255.pdf ID-63748225.pdf
ID-63769665.pdf ID-63774518.pdf ID-63821286.pdf ID-63856331.pdf
ID-63880772.pdf ID-63885413.pdf ID-63886414.pdf ID-63893862.pdf
ID-63919251.pdf ID-63919924.pdf ID-63921087.pdf ID-63922428.pdf
ID-63923197.pdf ID-63925845.pdf ID-63926320.pdf ID-63928203.pdf
ID-63929503.pdf ID-63931245.pdf ID-63935356.pdf ID-63935906.pdf
ID-63936404.pdf ID-63937437.pdf ID-63937561.pdf ID-63937606.pdf
ID-63941226.pdf ID-63942404.pdf ID-63943778.pdf ID-63943798.pdf
ID-63943894.pdf ID-63943904.pdf ID-63943976.pdf ID-63944046.pdf
ID-63944472.pdf ID-63944702.pdf ID-63944891.pdf ID-63945054.pdf
ID-63945150.pdf ID-63945370.pdf ID-63945709.pdf ID-63946057.pdf
ID-63947026.pdf ID-63947290.pdf ID-63947488.pdf ID-63947543.pdf
ID-63947574.pdf ID-63947850.pdf ID-63948228.pdf ID-63949132.pdf
ID-63949495.pdf ID-63949532.pdf ID-63949643.pdf ID-63950555.pdf
ID-63950606.pdf ID-63950767.pdf ID-63951159.pdf ID-63951977.pdf
ID-63951983.pdf ID-63952132.pdf ID-63952258.pdf ID-63952989.pdf
ID-63953011.pdf ID-63953841.pdf ID-63953947.pdf ID-63954415.pdf
ID-63955570.pdf ID-63955688.pdf ID-63955790.pdf ID-63955901.pdf
ID-63956456.pdf ID-63956563.pdf ID-63957142.pdf ID-63957478.pdf
ID-63958917.pdf ID-63959240.pdf ID-63959803.pdf ID-63960164.pdf
ID-63960422.pdf ID-63960504.pdf ID-63960763.pdf ID-63961942.pdf
ID-63963563.pdf ID-63963586.pdf ID-63965085.pdf ID-63965391.pdf
ID-63965537.pdf ID-63965606.pdf ID-63965810.pdf ID-63965853.pdf
ID-63966559.pdf ID-63966736.pdf ID-63967184.pdf ID-63967416.pdf
ID-63967599.pdf ID-63967628.pdf ID-63967887.pdf ID-63967893.pdf
ID-63968333.pdf ID-63968355.pdf ID-63968503.pdf ID-63968772.pdf
ID-63968888.pdf ID-63969329.pdf ID-63969337.pdf ID-63969548.pdf
ID-63969800.pdf ID-63969816.pdf ID-63969998.pdf ID-63970931.pdf
ID-63972354.pdf ID-63973058.pdf ID-63973479.pdf ID-63973602.pdf
ID-63973845.pdf ID-63974392.pdf ID-63975065.pdf ID-63975400.pdf
ID-63975507.pdf ID-63975732.pdf ID-63975778.pdf ID-63976612.pdf
ID-63976701.pdf ID-63976784.pdf ID-63977137.pdf ID-63978057.pdf
ID-63978060.pdf ID-63978133.pdf ID-63978190.pdf ID-63978634.pdf
ID-63978866.pdf ID-63978979.pdf ID-63979058.pdf ID-63979166.pdf
ID-63979432.pdf ID-63979491.pdf ID-63979518.pdf ID-63979660.pdf
ID-63979726.pdf ID-63979782.pdf ID-63979959.pdf ID-63980039.pdf
ID-63980334.pdf ID-63980360.pdf ID-63980574.pdf ID-63981909.pdf
ID-63984576.pdf ID-63985570.pdf ID-63985745.pdf ID-63985954.pdf
ID-63986147.pdf ID-63986869.pdf ID-63986900.pdf ID-63987468.pdf
ID-63988160.pdf ID-63988181.pdf ID-63988971.pdf ID-63989846.pdf
ID-63989886.pdf ID-63990140.pdf ID-63990227.pdf ID-63990393.pdf
ID-63990725.pdf ID-63990845.pdf ID-63991280.pdf ID-63992498.pdf
ID-63992822.pdf ID-63993133.pdf ID-63998298.pdf ID-63999197.pdf
ID-64001775.pdf ID-64002122.pdf ID-64003517.pdf ID-64005080.pdf

Written Responses

1WR.docx 2WR.docx 3WR Auchterless, Inverkeithny and Fisherford CC.DOCX 4WR.docx
5WR.docx 6WR.docx 7WR.docx 8WR.docx
9WR Angus Council.pdf 10WR.docx 11WR.docx 12WR.docx
13WR City of Brechin District CC.DOC 14WR Cockenzie PS CC.DOCX 15WR Croy and Culloden Moor CC.DOCX 16WR Currie CC.DOCX
17WR Cycling Scotland.pdf 18WR Cycling UK Scotland.pdf 19WR.docx 20WR.docx
21WR.docx 22WR.docx 23WR.docx 24WR.docx
25WR.docx 26WR.docx 27WR.docx 28WR Dumfries and Galloway Council.docx
29WR.docx 30WR East Kintyre CC.DOCX 31WR.docx 32WR.docx
33WR.docx 34WR.docx 35WR Friends of the Earth Scotland.pdf 36WR.docx
37WR.docx 38WR Glasgow Centre for PH and GGC NHS.DOCX 39WR.docx 40WR.docx
41WR.docx 42WR.docx 43WR.docx 44WR.docx
45WR.docx 46WR Kirkpatrick Fleming District CC.DOCX 47WR Knightswood CC.DOCX 48WR.docx
49WR Lairg CC.DOCX 50WR Linwood CC.DOCX 51WR Livingston Village CC.DOCX 52WR.docx
53WR.docx 54WR.docx 55WR.docx 56WR Merchant City Trongate CC.DOCX
57WR.docx 58WR Midlothian Council.docx 59WR Newtongrange CC.DOCX 60WR Patrick CC.DOCX
61WR.docx 62WR.docx 63WR Pollokshields Trust.docx 64WR RCPCH Scotland.docx
65WR Renfrewshire Council.pdf 66WR.docx 67WR.docx 68WR.docx
69WR.docx 70WR Scottish Borders Council.docx 71WR.docx 72WR Stirling Council.docx
73WR.docx 74WR.docx 75WR.docx 76WR.docx
77WR Sustrans Scotland.docx 78WR Tap O Noth CC.DOCX 80WR.docx 81WR (Houston CC).docx
82WR (Lochwinnoch CC).docx 83WR Busby Parent Council.pdf 84WR.pdf 85WR Kippen CC.PDF
86WR Kirriemuir Landward East CC.PDF 87WR Old Kilpatrick CC.PDF 88WR RAC.PDF 89WR Shapinsay CC.PDF