Protecting our environment

Westminster Manifesto 2017

Scotland’s landscapes, seascapes and wealth of wildlife are among our greatest assets. The UK’s membership of the EU has created cleaner air, beaches and rivers, protected our marine areas, driven up animal welfare standards, and is ending the UK’s reliance on coal for electricity. Brexit threatens this progress.

  • We will fight to protect hard-won environmental rights and protections, and argue that we must continue to collaborate with other countries to tackle climate change and protect our natural environment. We know most of the world’s fossil fuel reserves have to be kept in the ground if we are to stop run-away climate change.
  • We will ban fracking across the UK and replace subsidies to fossil fuels with investment in jobs-rich renewable energy technology.
  • Quotas and financial support for fisheries must support long-term fish stock recovery. On land, we will direct funding to farming methods that safeguard our future, through sustainable management of soils, water and carbon- and wildlife-friendly farming.
  • Any powers over fishing and farming that come from Europe must be devolved to Scotland.

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