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It has never been more important to put power in your hands. This election brings huge opportunities and huge challenges. The Councillors elected in 2017 will be faced with the challenge of meeting the demands of a hugely energised democracy in Scotland.

Greens are committed to meeting that challenge by placing power in your hands, by providing the money that councils need to run their services, and by making sure that you, as a citizen and as a community, have the opportunity to play a greater role in the decisions that matter to your life.

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Keep up to date with our campaign

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Latest Campaign Updates

My pledge to carers and care workers in Fife

Scott Rutherford Wed 26 Apr

To all my former colleagues in the care sector and friends looking after loved ones, we value you!

Young Green Manifesto 2017

25 April, 2017 - 16:54

The Scottish Young Greens are delighted to launch our second ever "Youth Manifesto" - this time for the upcoming council elections. We've already highlighted the great success the Scottish Green Party has had in encouraging young candidates in these elections, with 36 (16%) of the party's 218 candidates across Scotland coming under the Young Greens age range (16-30). 

Help elect more Green councillors than ever before

John Hardy Tue 25 Apr

Over the last few weeks we have heard about the hard work of our current Green councillors and their successes as well as learning more about some of our fantastic candidates and why they are standing for local council.

We are standing more candidates in more places than ever before but we can’t elect them without help from people like you.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:


A Green Kirkcaldy is within reach

24 April, 2017 - 18:19

For the first time, Fifers right across the Kingdom have the opportunity to vote Green in council elections. In Kirkcaldy, that means fielding four council candidates across the four Kirkcaldy council wards. 

Historically, Labour has dominated Fife politics, but over the last decade it has become more of a battleground between the SNP and Labour. 

Rather than the politics of opposition, the Scottish Greens seek to add a new voice to local politics and find consensus and compromise in the interests of a fairer, more equal society. 

Falkirk Greens Local Manifesto

24 April, 2017 - 08:58

We are proud to present our local manifesto for the council elections of May 2017.  You can view and download the manifesto here: