Mon 26 Aug, 2019

Environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham told us she’d act to stop this brutal slaughter if she had the evidence. She has it, let’s see action now Alison Johnstone

The Scottish Government must act now after newly-published data by the EU shows a massive decline in mountain hare populations in Scotland, The Scottish Greens have said.

The figures come from Scottish Natural Heritage’s submission to the EU’s Article 17 report on the protection of habitats and species, and shows the status of the mountain hares has been downgraded to ‘unfavourable’ with a ‘large decline’ recorded since 2013.

Unregulated killing of mountain hares continues in Scotland, including around moors managed for the shooting of grouse.

The Scottish Greens have called for an end to grouse shooting in Scotland, and Greens MSP Alison Johnstone is consulting on a bill to bring greater protection to hares in Scotland.

Alison Johnstone said: “This alarming report show just how urgently we need to protect mountain hares, an iconic animal and an important part of the food chain. This killing must stop.

“And the public agree. My consultation on new laws to protect these animals has already received more responses than any other proposed member’s bill this parliamentary session.

“Environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham told us she’d act to stop this brutal slaughter if she had the evidence. She has it, let’s see action now.

“We also need urgent action to stop the senseless blood sport of grouse shooting. Hares are killed only so a few enthusiasts can then go on to kill grouse.

“The Scottish Government needs to get off the fence and call time on this senseless circle of slaughter.”

You can help protect Scotland's mountain hares by responding to Alison Johnstone's consultation here

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