Workers’ fight for wages exposes sickening gulf in equality

The Scottish Greens stand in solidarity with striking workers and for a democratic republic.

The Scottish Greens say the fight for better pay, pensions and job security by public sector workers demonstrates the sickening gulf in equality between ordinary workers and the taxpayer-funded Monarchy. 

An expected 130,000 civil servants and other workers will walk-out on strike today impacting 186 employers, with thousands in Scotland showing solidarity including those based with the PCS Union at the Scottish Parliament.

As during previous strike days, the Scottish Greens have pledged to stand with striking workers for Friday’s national day of action.

That means all the party’s MSPs and staff will refuse to cross virtual or physical picket lines by not participating in any Parliamentary business on April 28, confining all work to their constituency and party activity only. 

Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“At a time when the UK Government is preparing to spend a reported £100m on the King’s Coronation, the contrast with those who are simply seeking a fair deal on pay, pensions and job security couldn’t be more stark.

“This appalling demonstration of inequality is sickening, and a slap in the face not just to those striking workers, but to anyone who is struggling to make ends meet during this ongoing and seemingly never ending cost of living crisis. 

“While we in Scotland are doing our best to mitigate these challenges through increased child payments, free travel for under 22s, more free school meals and action to freeze rents, the UK Government are lavishing public money on all the pomp, pageantry and preening they can muster for a King’s banquet.

“The fact we deserve a proper debate about the Monarchy is not in question. But what we really need right now is a proper discussion about why those very people who keep the country running are having to go on strike just to get a fair deal.

“For centuries workers have suffered under a top down authoritarian system designed to make the rich richer and keep the poor where they are. We say no more.

“We stand with the workers, we will always stand with the workers. We must have a system that puts the many over the Monarchy.”