Scottish Greens comment on attainment stats

Mon 20 Apr, 2020

Commenting on statistics published in The Times newspaper that reveal a correlation between wealthier postcodes and pupils leaving school with far more Higher qualifications, Scottish Greens Education Spokesperson Ross Greer MSP said:

Lockdown exit strategy must be prepared

Thu 16 Apr, 2020

Although lockdown must continue for the time being, the Scottish Government should begin to prepare an exit strategy for lifting restrictions safely in the future, the Scottish Greens have said.

Lockdown and social isolating is likely to last for several more weeks, and experts have told the Scottish Greens that Scotland will only be able to start to lift restrictions safely if it has the capacity in place to test, trace and isolate those with symptoms and people they have been in contact with.

True Covid death figures reveal need for more support for care homes

Wed 15 Apr, 2020

The scale of deaths from Covid-19 revealed by NRS figures released today show the need for more support for care homes, the Scottish Greens have said.

Official daily figures have only included deaths from those who had been tested positive for the coronavirus, but the new NRS count includes those who have died with symptoms of the disease.

NRS Stats show as of 12th April 962 deaths have been registered in Scotland where COVID-19 was mentioned in the death certificate. Only 615 of those were tested, according to the Scottish Government tally.

Sky Lantern plans should be shelved warn Greens

Wed 15 Apr, 2020

Plans to launch sky lanterns this weekend should be shelved for health and safety reasons, the Scottish Greens have said.

Cycling boost shows need for speed limit review

Wed 15 Apr, 2020

The increase in cycling in Scotland’s streets shows the need for the Scottish Government to review speed limits during the Coronavirus lockdown, according to Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell.

Mental health and PPE concerns: Scottish Greens response to daily briefing

Tue 14 Apr, 2020

A renewed focus on mental health and wellbeing at the First Minister’s briefing has been welcomed by the Scottish Greens.

The party’s health spokesperson Alison Johnstone said: “The current situation has placed many people into isolation and financial troubles, so it is welcome to hear the First Minister put her focus onto mental health. The extra funding for mental health crisis services and an online digital resource to support children online is particularly welcome.

Scottish Greens welcome relaunch of domestic abuse campaign

Fri 10 Apr, 2020

Welcoming the relaunch of the Scottish Government’s domestic abuse campaign, Scottish Greens Justice Spokesperson John Finnie MSP said:

Scottish Government must use full testing capacity

Fri 10 Apr, 2020

The Scottish Government must explain why less than 50% of the coronavirus testing capacity available in Scotland has been used over the last four days says Scottish Greens Parliamentary Co-Leader Alison Johnstone MSP.

Figures reported for Sunday 5th April revealed that 2345 tests were reported for the previous day. As this is the highest figure reported to date it is assumed this is the capacity. In the subsequent four days the Scottish Government has reported 893, 986, 1244 and 1252 tests, suggesting that just 46% of testing capacity has been used.

Action needed to protect rural communities over Easter

Thu 9 Apr, 2020

The Scottish Government must put plans in place to protect rural communities from a potential influx of tourists over the Easter weekend, according to Scottish Greens Rural and Island Communities Spokesperson John Finnie MSP.

The Highlands and Islands MSP highlighted concerns that the limited health services in rural areas could be put at risk if a considerable number of people decide not to adhere to guidance and emergency regulations.

John Finnie MSP said:

Scottish Greens welcome student funding announcement

Wed 8 Apr, 2020

Commenting on the announcement of a £5million financial hardship fund for students, Scottish Greens Education Spokesperson Ross Greer MSP said:

“Many students will be facing real hardship right now, with little support available to them, so this additional funding is very welcome. Given we don’t know how long this will last, the Scottish Government must confirm that the funding won’t be capped should more be required.