SNP paper on tuition fees must commit to public funding

Tue 7 Dec, 2010

For immediate release 7 December 2010

Today's poll commissioned by NUS Scotland confirms that any move in the Scottish Parliament to overturn this session's abolition of tuition fees would be deeply unpopular with the Scottish people. The Green MSPs therefore today urged SNP Ministers not to depart from the public funding model agreed in 2008 when they publish next week's Green Paper on the future of student finance in Scotland.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Near disaster in North Sea revives moratorium call

Tue 7 Dec, 2010

For immediate release 7 December 2010

Instructions from Malcolm Tucker

comms Tue 7 Dec, 2010

I was very amused by some news coverage last night. And courtesy of 'The Thick of It', I can guess exactly what happened too. My wife Gina and I watched transport minister Stewart Stevenson's not very impressive performance on Newsnight Scotland when he repeatedly declined to apologise for the transport chaos that had persisted all day (snow had not been forecast, good job in very difficult circumstances etc.). He clearly failed to appreciate how this looked given the package played before his interview which included people who had been stuck in vehicles for 10 hours.

Ice, snow and school closures

comms Thu 2 Dec, 2010

The City Council’s Lib Dem / SNP Administration shows a remarkable enthusiasm for school closures. When it is not closing them permanently (7 primary schools shut in 2009 and 2010 and more nurseries to follow, it seems) then it is taking the unprecedented move to shut all schools because of the weather this week.

Parliament must listen to the public and back Margo

Wed 1 Dec, 2010

For immediate release 1 December 2010

Holyrood will today vote on the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill lodged by Margo Macdonald MSP. Like other parties, the Green MSPs are treating this as a vote of conscience, and both Patrick Harvie and Robin Harper will vote for her Bill at 5pm today. The most recent polling, published last week, indicates that 77% of Scots also back these proposals, with strong majorities in favour amongst supporters of all five parties represented at Holyrood.

Robin Harper MSP said:

Scotland Bill - priority must be to oppose cuts

Tue 30 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 30 November 2010

Today's publication of the Westminster Coalition's Scotland Bill is the next stage in a flawed process which has been dominated by the interests of political parties rather than Scotland's people, Greens today argued.

However the Greens challenged the other parties to set out how they would use the powers in the Bill to ensure that Scottish politics is not dragged toward the Coalition's right wing agenda, and instead to help create a more equal society. (1)

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Council Tax freeze and many cuts decided

comms Sun 28 Nov, 2010


On Thursday (25 November), Aberdeenshire Council took important decisions about its budget for the financial year 2011/12.

It was one of the worst days I have had as an Aberdeenshire councillor.

First, the Council had to decide whether it would accept Finance Secretary John Swinney's 'offer' of a funding cut of 2.6 per cent (

SNP close down key environmental watchdog

Thu 25 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 25 November 2010

Greens slammed the decision by SNP Ministers, announced today in a written Parliamentary answer, that they will scrap the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) in Scotland, the official environmental watchdog tasked with scrutinising the Scottish Government's environmental credentials. (1) In May this year, for example, the SDC criticised the Scottish Government for "making poor progress on its sustainability targets".

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Opposition parties united over tax fiasco

Wed 24 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 24 November 2010

Harper urges MSPs to let discussion continue on End of Life proposals

Tue 23 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 23 November 2010

Holyrood must this week vote at Stage One to allow discussions to continue on the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill proposed by Margo Macdonald MSP, Robin Harper today argued. The most recent polling, published today, indicates that 77% of Scots back these proposals.

Green MSP Robin Harper said: