Trump climbdown cautiously welcomed

Mon 31 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 31 January 2010

Private rented sector Bill must do more for tenants

Thu 27 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 27 January 2010

Greens commit to equal marriage change in next session

Thu 27 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 27 January 2011

Patrick Harvie MSP today set out a commitment by the Scottish Greens to backing equal marriage legislation in the next session of Parliament, and the party is confident that there will be sufficient cross-party support amongst the new intake of MSPs to take the necessary measures onto the statute book. A poll conducted for the Green MSPs late last year showed that equality is now overwhelmingly popular in society at large with 58% of Scots supporting the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry if they wish to, and just 19% against.

Swinney passes Tory Budget with Tory support

Wed 26 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 26 January 2010

The SNP and Tories united today to vote through John Swinney's Budget after the Stage One debate, confirming the Green assessment that the SNP have effectively proposed a Tory Budget and that they would find the Scottish Tories ready to support it.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"A year ago at Westminster the Tories and the Lib Dems got into bed together, and today at Holyrood the SNP have climbed in beside the Scottish Tories too. It appears to be Swingers Day in Scottish politics.

Parliament backs Green plans to tackle youth unemployment

Thu 20 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 20 January 2010

The Scottish Parliament today unanimously backed a motion in the name of Robin Harper MSP to introduce a microfinance scheme for 16- to 19-year-olds wishing to start their own business, giving a significant boost to the campaign for the next session of Parliament to adopt this approach.

Robin Harper MSP said:

SNP and UK Coalition vote against Green Budget proposals

Thu 20 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 20 January 2010

In Parliament's first vote on the draft Budget, the SNP and the UK Coalition parties united to vote down Green proposals to restore Holyrood's tax-varying powers and to use progressive revenue-raising ideas to limit the cuts. Coming six days ahead of the formal Stage 1 vote on the SNP's proposals, this decision by John Swinney and his colleagues confirms that they would work with the Tories and their coalition partners to deliver a cuts budget for Scotland.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Harper moves last Green motion before standing down

Thu 20 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 20 January 2010

During the Scottish Greens' last Chamber Business before dissolution, Robin Harper MSP today moved his final motion for Parliament to consider, urging Holyrood to support a £2m programme of microcredit loans for young people. This project, which would help young people to start their own businesses, is inspired by the work of the Grameen Bank, originally in Bangladesh but now also in the United States of America and elsewhere.

Robin Harper MSP said:

Greens propose youth enterprise microcredit scheme

Wed 19 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 19 January 2010

Green plan to tackle urban blight and boost revenue

Tue 18 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 18 January 2011

Holyrood to vote on tax powers and Green Budget plans

Sun 16 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 16 January 2010