Fri 9 Apr, 2021

Greens believe in an outward looking Scotland, one that seeks to build its influence by working in partnership with other countries Ross Greer

Scotland can play a more active role in the international community, even before independence is achieved according to the Scottish Greens’ manifesto for the upcoming Holyrood elections.

The Greens’ are set to propose that Scotland seek associate membership of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Nordic Council, as well as observer status of the Arctic Council.

Both the Nordic Council and WHO already include associate members who are not fully independent countries, such as the Faroe Islands and Puerto Rico, offering proof for the Scottish Greens’ argument that Scotland needn’t wait until independence to participate in global affairs.

The party’s manifesto highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing recovery from the pandemic and the climate emergency and suggests Scotland should begin working with international partners immediately. As well as providing immediate benefits, this participation would also prepare the nation and its institutions for the transition to independence and the responsibilities of a fully sovereign state.

Scottish Green External Affairs spokesperson Ross Greer said:

“This past year has reminded us all that the greatest challenges facing our world have no respect for borders. Recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and tackling the climate emergency will require meaningful international cooperation. Scotland can play a much greater role in that now.

“There’s no need to wait for independence before we take our place on the international stage. As a devolved Parliament with significant powers we should take every opportunity to work with our friends and neighbours on global and regional issues, not least because the experience will stand us in good stead for that day soon when we achieve our independence.

“Greens believe in an outward looking Scotland, one that seeks to build its influence by working in partnership with other countries. Playing an active role in international bodies such as the WHO and Nordic Council is the logical next step towards that.”

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