Low-carbon energy

Westminster Manifesto 2017

The renewables revolution must be shared by everyone.

  • We will fight to reverse the Conservative government’s cuts to renewable energy subsidies. Our energy system must deliver emissions reductions, tackle fuel poverty and reduce energy tariffs, while bringing in new measures to reduce energy demand.
  • We will support community-owned renewables with  access to subsidy and the grid. We will support councils to create “local energy companies” to build publicly-owned renewables, earning profits to fund public services.
  • The gas and electricity transmission and distribution network is a clear instance of monopoly without the scope for real competition. The grid should be under public control  to enable a coordinated transition to a low-carbon and distributed network.
  • We will fight to restore funding for carbon capture and storage research, and continue to oppose nuclear power plants because they can never be safe nor decentralised, nor delivered and decommissioned without massive subsidy.

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