Creating homes

Local Manifesto 2017

Councils can help build our communities. Green councillors will help to connect people with a thriving local economy, strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity, and connect places with better public transport.

Our commitments

  • Protect green spaces

    We’ll shift the balance between communities and big developers in planning decisions; and protect precious green and open space.

  • Supporting community ownership

    We’ll help community groups own, run or have more say over their area: community buildings, parks, sports facilities, energy and much more.

  • Tackle the housing crisis

    We'll tackle rip-off housing costs - by making rents cheaper and dealing with fuel poverty.


Our vision for housing is for good-quality homes that are affordable to buy, affordable to rent and affordable to heat. There should be more social housing; better control of rents; and better management in the private sector.

Green councillors will:

  • Help people who rent to create a stable home. We will support making information about good letting agencies and landlords easily available, support action against bad landlords and letting agents, and push for rent controls to limit rent rises that would push people out of their home.
  • Continue to campaign to make energy efficiency of existing houses a priority to create warm homes, reduce fuel bills and tackle fuel poverty.
  • Help homeowners to make homes wind and watertight with a trusted not-for-profit service to manage major repairs, including to tenements. We will explore more ways to help with the cost of repairs - for example, with grants for low income households, interest-free loans, or options to defer paying repair costs until the property is sold.
  • Work to bring Scotland’s 27,000 empty homes back into use.
  • Support new housing cooperatives or initiatives to bring rented property into shared management.
  • Support new social rented homes to be built each year – we need at least 12,000 across Scotland each year just to meet population growth and replace older housing. This will need land to be available at low cost through a new Council power to buy land for housing at ‘existing use value’.
  • Prioritise new housing that is affordable, low-carbon, built on brownfield sites and connected to local services like schools and shops. To help deliver housing and reduce land speculation we will support proposals for a local ‘vacant land levy’.
  • We will support action to drive up space standards, designing houses which are easy to adapt for independent living.
  • Explore ways of taking into social ownership facilities like care homes and student housing where their owners cannot continue to manage them.

Streets and green spaces

Our streets should be neighbourhoods and communities we can enjoy and be proud to call home.  Green spaces within our cities, towns and villages should add value to our lives as well as provide places for wildlife to flourish. 

Green Councillors will:

  • Prioritise pedestrians as the most important users of roads and pavements, creating attractive communities for people to live and work in.
  • Extend 20mph speed limits in residential areas to improve road safety, reduce air pollution, and give streets back to communities.
  • Work with the police and communities to help prevent anti-social behaviour and improve community connections.
  • Protect parks and greenspaces and manage them to provide places for people to enjoy and wildlife to flourish.
  • Support local food production through community gardens, allotments and school growing projects

Managing land for the future

The way we manage land needs a long term approach and councils have an important role to play in ensuring we do this sustainably. 

Green Councillors will:

  • Place councils’ duties to conserve biodiversity and tackle climate change at the heart of how they manage land and carry out their work
  • Ensure councils seek opportunities to manage flooding using natural processes and invest in the expertise needed to do this   

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