Connecting communities

Local Manifesto 2017

Councils can help build our communities. Green councillors will help to connect people with a thriving local economy, strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity, and connect places with better public transport.

Our commitments

  • Better buses

    We’ll campaign for cheaper and more frequent bus services

  • Broadband action plans

    Introduce a broadband action plan for every council within a year of being elected

Local economy

Scottish Greens believe a thriving local economy is one based on what’s good for people not just profit. Our economy should be sustainable, connect people with decent jobs and help to bind our society together.

Green Councillors will:

  • Support businesses that create decent jobs and care about more than profit. 
  • Push councils to buy local goods and services wherever possible to benefit the local economy.
  • Help businesses with ethical policies, like paying the living wage and environmental responsibility, by making these practices a condition of any Council-funded support.
  • Support more social enterprises, cooperatives, and employee-owned businesses through public procurement and access to publicly-owned property.
  • Push for rural and island fuel poverty to be a high priority for councils, developing local fuel partnerships and encouraging renewable and local woodfuel initiatives.
  • Encourage shops and post offices in local high streets, rather than chain stores or out-of-town development.
  • Support credit unions and local banks that understand the local business community, offer alternatives to high-interest pay-day lending, and are more resilient than the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks of today.
  • Propose that in both procurement and international engagements such as town or school twinning, councils take full account of ethical considerations in selecting partners who reflect our own ethics and values
  • Support the use of better data by councils, for example to identify things like households under-claiming their entitlements.
  • Support community buy-outs and increase the availability of grants, loans and financial advice for training, equipment to start a small business, and assistance with setting up cooperatives, with a focus on green jobs in insulating homes and council properties, recycling and renewable energy.

Leisure and recreation

People and communities connect through council services like libraries, swimming pools and sport facilities. Events like festivals and gala days help us celebrate our local area and identity – many are supported by public funds.

Green councillors will:

  • Work to protect libraries. Libraries are more than books, they can be community hubs connecting people to the internet, providing space for community meeting and events and adult education for lifelong learning.
  •  Quantify and promote the economic contribution of the creative economy both nationally and locally.
  • Improve sport facilities where they are too hard to access or expensive to use and support grassroots sporting activities such as running clubs and ensuring provision of low cost 'community-use' sports facilities for hire at affordable rates.
  • Oppose the closure of local leisure facilities and the selling off of common good assets.
  • Support festivals and community events.

Better buses, roads and trains

Being able to travel broadens our opportunities. Scottish Greens want to improve our buses, make walking and cycling more attractive, and our streets safe and healthy for everyone to use.

Green Councillors will:

  • Connect communities with better bus services. Routes, fares, shelters and information can all help, and we will explore creating a publicly-owned bus company in areas without it.
  • Push for councils to allocate at least 10% of their transport budget to walking and cycling to create new and safer routes, including paths separated from roads.
  • Argue for money to be spent on fixing our existing roads rather than building new ones, which simply encourage more traffic.
  • Support the rollout of low-carbon buses and the development of a charging point network for electric cars.
  • Support and develop plans to re-open rail lines and stations, including increasing capacity where lines are single-track.
  • Actively support rural bus services in order to maintain thriving towns and villages.
  • Seek to introduce low emission zones in town and city centres, and local authority targets for carbon reductions from transport.
  • Review the implications of the likely increase in the use of autonomous vehicles and their impact on transport policy and other road users.

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