Dear Holyrood, keep Scotland in Europe

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Scotland looks set to leave the European Union, but not by choice.

We voted to Remain and in big numbers, but it wasn’t enough to outweigh votes in the rest of the UK seeking to drag Scotland out of the EU.

It’s not over though. We must preserve our relationship with Europe, and we can only do this if the political parties in Scotland show leadership and work together.

Scottish Greens are calling on Holyrood to examine and exhaust every option for continuing Scotland’s close ties with Europe.

Join us today in making that call.

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Latest Campaign Updates

Greens to reject Article 50 triggering in Holyrood debate

7 February, 2017 - 14:02

Remain supporters will rally outside the Scottish Parliament today in hope that MSPs will vote with the Greens against the triggering of Article 50.

Holyrood will debate a Green amendment to the Article 50 debate that outlines “widespread scepticism” that the UK can conclude negotiations within two years and that the Westminster government’s decision to proceed with a Brexit Bill does not “respect” the referendum result in Scotland.

Ross Greer said:

If they can do a deal for the City of London, they can do a deal for Scotland

Maggie Chapman Tue 7 Feb

Transcript of speech from 7 Feb 2017

Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for braving the wintry weather and coming along this afternoon to make your voices heard! I am Maggie Chapman, co-convener of the Scottish Greens, and I am pleased to see so many of you here.

We know that 62% of Scots voted to remain in the European Union. We know that many who voted to leave did so on the basis of staying in the single market. We know that many others who voted to leave now wished they had not.

Ross Greer: Independence is closer now than in 2014 but we need to get going

Ross Greer MSP Fri 27 Jan

Scotland’s in a tricky situation and like most, it’s not one we chose. Two years ago we were promised by Better Together that voting No was the only way to secure our place in the EU and that Scotland would be treated as an equal partner in the UK’s ‘family of nations’. We now know both of those promises to be false - though just under half of voters thought as much back then too.

Greens push government for referendum bill details

25 January, 2017 - 16:47

The supposed “permanence” of the Scottish Parliament was rendered meaningless by Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling according to a Green MSP.

In response to a government statement, Ross Greer MSP, the party’s external affairs spokesperson, told the Brexit minister Mike Russell that the Greens were equally disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision and asked when a bill for an independence referendum will be introduced.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer said:

Supreme Court ruling confirms Scotland not ‘equal partner’ say Greens

24 January, 2017 - 14:30

The Scottish Greens have responded to the Supreme Court ruling that the UK’s devolved bodies will not have a say on whether the Westminster government can start the Brexit process.

Patrick Harvie MSP, the party’s co-convener says the decision confirms that Scotland is not an “equal partner” in the UK and that the decision to give Westminster a vote prior to triggering Article 50 will be of “no consolation” to voters in Scotland.

Glasgow MSP, Patrick Harvie said: