The UK Government is trying to undermine Scotland and the will of the Scottish people.

The UK Government is trying to undermine Scotland and the will of the Scottish people.

Theresa May's cabinet of chaos is using the UK Supreme Court in a bid to squash emergency plans drawn up and passed by the Scottish Parliament. Tell them to drop this attack on devolution.

The Scottish Greens helped shape the Continuity Bill, which was agreed to by MSPs from all parties except the Tories. Without this emergency law, the UK government can impose its hard-right agenda in areas devolved to Scotland and our parliament - lowering standards and weakening protections that have been hard-won as part of the European Union. This court bid is the Devolution Demolition Squad in action.

Please sign our open letter to Theresa May and tell the UK Government that devolution must be respected:


Dear Prime Minister,
Your government's attempt to silence Scotland's voice through the Supreme Court is nothing short of devolution demolition.
Scotland's Lord Advocate has made clear that our bill is competent, and it is supported by an overwhelming majority of MSPs.
Your government is at war with itself, and in the grip of delusional hard-right extremists who are putting their own interests ahead of people's jobs, wages, environmental and social protections.
Green MSPs strengthened Scotland's emergency EU Continuity Bill to plug gaps in environmental protections, and ensure that any future changes to Scots law get proper scrutiny. We are taking responsible action - preparing for the impact of the crisis you have made.
Drop your legal challenge. Respect devolution. Respect the Scottish Parliament.

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