Greens in Europe

Our track record of change

Green MEPs make up the fourth largest group in the European Parliament. Amongst them are Jean Lambert MEP, Keith Taylor MEP and Molly Scott-Catto MEP who represent our sister party, the Green Party of England and Wales. As part of the Green group in Parliament, they have a great track record of change.

By staying in the EU we can continue to work with fellow Greens across Europe to build a greener, fairer, more democratic union.
Here are just some of the successes of Green MEPs in the European Parliament.

As an MEP since 1999 I am all too aware of the flaws in EU decision-making. But I vehemently disagree that the weaknesses are reasons to walk away. The best way to achieve a more people- centred, more democratic, greener Europe is to work with fellow Greens, not leave big political battles for others.

Jean Lambert MEP

Our commitments

  • Fought tax avoidance

    Green MEPs have long campaigned against tax avoidance and recently helped to set up a special committee to investigate the Panama Papers.

  • Clamped down on polluters

    After the scandal around Volkswagen cheating tests on the emissions made by its cars, Greens won a parliamentary inquiry to investigate.

  • Campaigned against dodgy trade deals

    Greens successfully defeated the ACTA trade agreement back in 2012 and today they’re fighting against TTIP and other dodgy deals

Green achievements in Europe

  • Green MEPs have a central role in helping shape the EU’s strategy on climate change, calling for binding targets, more renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures.

  • Greens raised awareness of dodgy trade deals being made behind closed doors. In 2012, we successfully defeated the trade agreement on intellectual property rights (ACTA), which was shrouded in secrecy, and powered by profiteers. Greens are now at the forefront in the fight against pro-corporate and anti-democratic measures that are set to be part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  • Greens have campaigned to limit the power of big business and have supported the tightening up of the lobby system in Brussels.

  • Greens argued for the creation of a special committee into corporate tax avoidance. The committee has led to a raft of proposals which MEPs are calling on the commission to introduce into law. The measures include preventing companies that have subsidiaries in tax havens from receiving EU money.

  • In 2015, Green MEPs succeeded in forcing a parliamentary inquiry to investigate the car pollution scandal, following revelations that Volkswagen and other manufacturers were using software devices to cheat pollutant tests.

  • Greens succeeded in bringing about a Europe-wide cap on bankers' bonuses, despite fierce opposition from the UK Government

  • In 2015 Keith Taylor was awarded the European Parliament’s top ‘MEP for Animals’ award in recognition of contributions made to animal welfare.

  • Our MEPs have campaigned to end cruel factory farming practices, such as the use of farrowing crates for pigs and zero-grazing, and for EU legislation to include protection of cows, farmed fish and beef cattle. In 2012 they won an EU-wide ban on battery cages.

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