Our Manifesto for Glasgow City Council 2017

Power in your hands

It is no accident that Glasgow has been voted the world's friendliest city by many of its visitors. From its people to its architecture to its culture to its history, Glasgow stands out as a city of warmth, creativity and great experiences. Our city welcomes refugees, offers glorious parks and green spaces for its residents, and has world-famous museums and arts venues. It has a renowned industrial heritage, vibrant business sectors such as engineering, life sciences and digital and creative industries, and world-class universities. Glasgow is a city where generations of citizens have struggled for better conditions and equality for all.

We want to see Glasgow fulfil its potential. Many people are locked out of the opportunities that our city has to offer because their community has been marginalised, because they have insufficient income, because they are disabled or they feel unsafe. Many people find it difficult to travel across the city because the transport system is fragmented. Many people suffer from the pollution in the city centre streets, which contributes to Glasgow’s reduced life expectancy. We know that these inequalities affect every citizen in some way - we are all the poorer for them.  

Local democracy should empower people – local views matter and their voices must be heard.  The best way to create vibrant, safe and inclusive neighbourhoods is for local communities to have the power to make decisions, own local resources, and help themselves. But trust in politicians and the political system is low and many people tell us they feel disenchanted and cynical, and they see the workings of democracy as remote and lacking accountability.  They see public money being spent in their area, when they’ve had little or no say over how that’s done, often resulting in poor choices being made. 

Our Glasgow Green party councillors will accept the challenges that exist in Glasgow. We will work alongside local people for a more equal, healthier, safer Glasgow where the environment is protected for all.

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Latest Campaign Updates

MSP Calls On Councillors to End Political Games

Fri 26 May, 2017

Green MSP for the West of Scotland and East Dunbartonshire resident Ross Greer today issued a call for East Dunbartonshire Councillors to put residents and services first and end the party political game-playing that has overshadowed the council since the elections on May 4.

Greens vote to ensure progressive change in Glasgow

Jon Molyneux Fri 19 May, 2017

Green councillors yesterday voted to ensure Glasgow City Council has a proportionate executive committee, which reflects its new political make-up, overturning an SNP proposal that they should have an in-built majority, despite being a minority administration.

The move means that the SNP will require support from at least one other party in order to pass business at this key decision-making body.  This will allow us to support the SNP where they are pushing progressive reform and improve on their proposals where necessary.

New and re-elected Green councillors around Scotland will stick up for communities

Alison Johnstone MSP Tue 9 May, 2017

Despite the importance of council services, such as schools, social care and housing, last week’s local elections were overshadowed by national events. Those of us who care about local democracy faced an uphill battle. With little national media interest, a Tory prime minister trampling over the campaign by calling a general election in the middle of it, and other parties cynically trying to make it about constitutional issues, it was one of the toughest campaigns I can recall. 

Local Council Election Results 2017

John Hardy Fri 5 May, 2017

We will be updating the election results throughout the day to let you know which Green candidates have been elected - https://greens.scot/councillors

Thank you and well done to all our candidates, activists and volunteers and to everyone who voted to elect more Green Councillors than ever before.

Number 1: Our first Councillor has been elected and it's also our first ever Councillor on Orkney or the islands! Well done to Steve Sankey, new Green Cllr for East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray!

Using empty building to benefit the community

Kirsten Robb Thu 4 May, 2017

East Kilbride East candidate Kirsten Robb explains how she would push for South Lanarkshire Council to use empty buildings such as the recently closed Calderwood Library to benefit the local community.