Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone has outlined proposals to introduce a real ban on fox hunting in Scotland and give real protection for wild hares.

Scotland banned fox hunting in 2002 but thanks to legal loopholes ten hunts still operate around the country. Alison wants to close those loopholes for good.

The bill proposes proper licensing for any control of foxes or hares, which would stop the widespread killing of hares on grousemoors and elsewhere.

Alison said: “I’d like to win better protection for all of Scotland’s wild animals, but my proposed bill is an achievable way to start.

“I’m confident that when MSPs look at what parliament voted for in 2002, compare what the public expected to happen then and what is still going on now, they will support my bill.”

You can show your support by responding to the consultation here and sharing your support on social media with the hashtag #FoxandHare.

Protect Scotland’s wild foxes and hares

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