In 2011 Green MSPs were elected on a promise to campaign for a football fans' right to buy their club. In 2015 our campaign took to a massive step forward when Holyrood gave the Scottish Government the power to do exactly that.

Now Ministers are consulting on whether or not to use this power. This is your chance to tell them why you support fan ownership.

The Green MSPs back fan ownership because:

► Fans can be relied upon to be the best long-term stewards of their clubs
► Too many clubs go bust and then fans have to pick up the pieces
► Fan ownership works in other countries, from Germany and Spain to Argentina
► The game needs more stability on and off the park, at club and national level

Tell the Scottish Government you agree by using the form below to participate in the consultation. This form is designed to help you answer what we think is the most important question (Question 4). But if you have more time and want to answer the full consultation we encourage you to do so - it's available here.

This consultation has closed.