A Green Europe

A Green Europe

A vote for the Scottish Greens is a vote to tackle the climate emergency and create millions of green jobs across Europe.

Tackling the climate emergency

Last year, climate scientists warned we had just 12 years to avoid climate breakdown. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our children, and the wildlife we share this planet with to take urgent action. Scotland cannot do this alone – but we can lead the way. The Scottish Greens were the only party to back declaring a climate emergency at Holyrood and we commit to taking a similarly strong stance in Europe.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Call for a European-wide net-zero emissions target to be set as early as possible.
  • Push for continuing improvements to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
  • Campaign to end subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear energy and redirect them to renewables.

A Green New Deal for Europe

We want to see a Europe that leads the world in the transition to a green economy and away from fossil fuels. Research commissioned by the Scottish Greens found that the rapid transition to a low-carbon economy could create over 200,000 quality jobs in Scotland alone. These are jobs that will last for the long term, unlike those that depend on fossil fuels. The International Labour Organisation estimate that implementing bold plans to tackle climate change would create two million jobs across Europe by 2030, and 24 million worldwide. Europe can be a global leader in a just transition to a low-carbon economy. The EU should lead by example, supporting industries and activities that contribute to a fairer and more environmentally sustainable economy. This includes: manufacturing for the renewable energy supply chain; the expansion of public transport systems; a massive programme to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and workplaces; and supporting democratic business models, including co-operatives and social enterprises.

A Green New Deal would ensure that economic development benefits us all. Our ambition is to deliver good work and decent jobs, sustainability, social inclusiveness, improved crisis resilience and stability. A Green New Deal must ensure a just transition for workers who may need to apply their skills in new areas of the economy.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will support a Green New Deal for Europe that would:

  • Deliver 100% of Europe’s electricity from renewables and support the development of a European electricity grid.
  • Create millions of quality jobs in the green economy.
  • End the use of coal across Europe by 2030.

Connect Europe with fast and green public transport

The Greens want to transform our aged, high-carbon transport infrastructure. We need to overcome our dependency on polluting vehicles as quickly as possible, stop the increasing pollution from aviation and invest extensively in regional and cross-border railway networks.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector across Europe and in Scotland continue to rise, particularly from cars and flights. Connecting countries and regions with high-speed trains, sleeper trains, and other public transport solutions offers a positive alternative. To level the playing field between train and air traffic, rail fares need to be kept under control and flights need to be fairly taxed.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Campaign for free public transport across the continent.
  • Champion a new passenger ferry service from Scotland to the continent and a direct rail link via the Channel Tunnel.
  • Support the rollout of electric vehicles and alternatives to private car ownership such as car share schemes.

Good food and a thriving farming sector

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the biggest European programmes, with a €60bn budget. Though a lifeline for many farmers, it has also driven intensive farming practices and benefited big landowners far more than small farmers and local producers. Scottish Greens support fundamental reform of the food and farming system from one based on production to one that also values the delivery of public benefits. This would support environmentally friendly, low-carbon, high-animal-welfare farming. It would also recognise the vital role land managers can play in managing water, wildlife and soil sustainably. We need to ensure we don’t miss this major opportunity for reform that would allow farmers and crofters in Scotland to thrive, and produce healthy food from a healthy environment.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Ensure those working in agriculture can earn a decent living.
  • Support climate-friendly farming that allows biodiversity to flourish.
  • Push to deliver the highest animal-welfare standards.

Fight pollution and protect the natural world

Environmental damage occurs across boundaries and needs an international approach. The EU has driven positive environmental change across Europe including cleaner rivers and seas, limits to air pollution and the creation of a pan-European network of areas protected for nature. Yet still our cities are polluted, wildlife faces more threats than ever, and plastic pollution has become the scourge of our seas.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will champion environmental protections across Europe that go further and faster:

  • Bans on non-essential, non-recyclable plastics across Europe.
  • An expanded Protected Area network with stronger protections, and more funds for nature conservation.
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to benefit wildlife and communities.