A Free and Fair Europe

Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement across the EU enriches Scotland culturally, economically and socially. The Brexit campaign, Westminster’s ‘hostile environment’ policy, and forced registration of EU nationals have inflicted immense suffering and fuelled hatred, while impoverishing Scotland.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Defend freedom of movement and end Fortress Europe.
  • Stand against racism and xenophobia.
  • Protect freedom of movement as a fundamental right.

A welcoming Scotland for asylum seekers

Scottish Greens believe firmly in the right to asylum. We will work hard to ensure that all people seeking asylum are safe, supported, and that their human rights and dignity are protected and respected. We should never forget that guarantees of safety for asylum seekers exist due to lessons from Europe’s own dark history.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Work with Greens across Europe to establish legal and safe channels for migration.
  • Build an EU asylum policy based on solidarity and human rights.
  • Campaign for the fair sharing of responsibilities among member states and re-establishing a European sea-rescue mission.

Opposing austerity

We will challenge the politics of austerity that have been promoted by the EU and restructure the economy to put the well-being of people before the interests of wealthy corporations and vested interests.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Reform the EU’s economic governance to promote social rights.
  • Support EU-wide measures to clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance.
  • Promote the role of trade unions and other representative bodies in managing and running corporations.

Workers' rights and a Universal Basic Income

Europe needs to become a truly social union, empowering workers, fighting poverty and reducing inequality. The Greens will always fight for fair pay, union rights and decent working conditions for every worker.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Demand fair paid sick leave and parental leave in all European countries.
  • Call for shorter working weeks to become the new standard.
  • Work with the European Greens to get a Universal Basic Income directive passed that will guarantee citizens a minimum income while respecting national social security systems.

Free education and fair work for young people

Inequality is growing across Europe. In Scotland, the 10% of wealthiest households hold half of the country’s wealth while the 40% of the least wealthy households own a little over 3%. Young people in particular are struggling to find employment, facing extortionate housing costs and huge inequalities. We believe young people must have the right to affordable higher education, good training conditions, and fair access to jobs which pay a decent, liveable income.

Your Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Fight for an end to income discrimination against young people.
  • Champion Scotland’s continued involvement in the Erasmus+ scheme, which allows young people to study, train and work overseas, benefitting over 6,000 young Scots every year.
  • Support a tenfold increase in the Erasmus+ budget so all young people can participate.

A feminist and diverse Europe

Equality is at the heart of Scottish Green policies, and we will work with the European Greens and others to celebrate diversity and deliver radical reforms that lead to real equality across Europe. Greens will work to ensure all European policies recognise diversity and contribute to the prevention of discrimination and violence. We will also call upon the EU and all countries to implement the Istanbul Convention to combat violence against women.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Demand free, accessible, and safe sexual and reproductive health care.
  • Secure equal pay for equal work and gender-balance across all European power structures.
  • Require progress on LGBTI+ equality from all member states, and use the EU’s global voice to oppose homophobia, transphobia and biphobia around the world.

Equal rights for disabled people

Greens across Europe share a commitment to human rights and social inclusion for disabled people and their allies. We are a movement based on solidarity, peer support, inclusion, democracy, self-representation and selfdetermination. Greens believe these provisions are not only fair but also will improve the public environment, benefit the work sector overall, and enhance wider society. We will continue to push for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to be fully implemented in Europe and around the world.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Demand accessible buildings, transport and infrastructure to allow disabled people full involvement as citizens with equal opportunities.
  • Fair working environments including reasonable adjustments being made in offices, making part-time and flexible working available, and ensuring equal pay for equal work.
  • Support disabled people to vote and stand for elected office.

Rights for black and ethnic minority Europeans

The Greens stand against racism wherever we find it. We recognise that more subtle forms of racism lie deep within our culture and have permeated society and the institutions and organisations that shape our lives. This structural racism must also be challenged.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Support the rights of minority cultures, and oppose and speak out against oppression on the grounds of religious belief.
  • Ensure better enforcement of the EU racial equality directive.
  • Support stronger measures to combat discrimination in employment practices and in the workplace.

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