A Democratic Europe United in Peace

A Democratic Europe United in Peace

United in Peace

The EU is first and foremost a peace project. It has been hugely successful, uniting member states in peace since its founding. With the rise of the far-right, xenophobia and authoritarianism, the EU’s role in promoting peace in Europe and across the world has never been more important. European Greens are calling for the EU to do more to maintain peace by working collaboratively.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS WILL:

  • Support steps towards removing all nuclear weapons from Europe and advocate withdrawing from NATO, an alliance which refuses to rule out first use of its nuclear weapons.
  • Support an increase in international aid funding and use this to contribute to the efforts of governments in developing countries to build, expand and strengthen their public services.
  • End the export from Europe of military, security and surveillance technologies.

Fight to strengthen the European Parliament as the democratic heart of the EU

The EU is vital to addressing some of the most complex challenges of our time because it can tackle these at a continental level. However, we recognise that ordinary people and civil society organisations can feel excluded from European policy-making and struggle to access information on the work of the EU Parliament and Commission. Transparency of EU institutions for citizens is indispensable. We must also prevent the European Central Bank from imposing austerity across the EU by fighting for democratic power over the bank.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Call for greater protections for activists, journalists and whistleblowers who expose information in the public interest.
  • Campaign for better access to information on EU expenditure.
  • Demand that citizens have the right to examine any EU documents, source materials and decisions at any time, without further justification. Exceptions to this rule should be decided upon on a case-by-case basis and must be explained publicly.

Digital rights

Greens want technology to benefit everyone in society instead of dividing us against one another for the benefit of big corporations. We believe your data should be owned by you, for your benefit rather than sold to the highest corporate bidder. Some giant tech companies are also providing platforms to lower working conditions, abuse citizens’ privacy and undermine democracy. That’s why Green MEPs have led the case for the EU to stand up for an internet based on digital rights.

YOUR Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Continue to urge the EU to stand up for digital rights and avoid concentrating online power in the hands of a few corporations.
  • Protect net neutrality rules and oppose unfair copyright reforms that would entrench corporate control.
  • Campaign for easy, affordable access to all results of publicly-funded research to maximise scientific, cultural and economic progress.

Supporting communities and local democracy

The Scottish Greens believe in localism and want more decisions to be made at the lowest level of governance. The EU has an important role to play in supporting local governments and helping them access funding sources. The EU has invested £379 million in 188 projects over the last five years to help create jobs, support local communities and protect the environment. The Scottish Greens want to see this flow of investment continue.

Your Scottish Green MEPS will:

  • Oppose any EU competition rules that would force local authorities or national governments to privatise public services and publicly-owned assets.
  • Support competition rules that enable governments to hold resources under public ownership where this best serves their citizens.
  • Preserve the self-determination of regions and nations in Europe when developing local infrastructure.