On May 23, Choose Hope Over Hate. Vote Green.

These are the most important European elections we’ve ever had. They’re Scotland’s chance to be heard. Our chance to send a message that our democratic decision to stay in the EU must be respected. Our chance to back a radical and ambitious plan for Europe to confront the climate emergency and create millions of green jobs. Our chance to oppose the hate of the far right. Across Europe, Green political parties are surging because we offer hope over hate. Now is the time to choose hope over hate and to elect a Scottish Green MEP.


In the 2016 EU referendum, the majority of people in Scotland voted to stay in the EU, and since then Scottish public support for remaining in the EU has grown. The Scottish Greens have fought tirelessly for this result to be respected, from leading the legal challenge which established that the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50, to securing the Scottish Parliament’s support for revocation. Yet throughout this process the UK Government have disregarded Scotland’s wishes. The referendum result in Scotland, the decisions made in the Scottish Parliament, and the elected representatives serving Scotland have all been ignored. The UK Government’s proposals for a post-Brexit future would see the Scottish Parliament’s powers in many areas being reduced, threatening our devolution settlement.

The Scottish Greens believe a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU should be held, with a remain option on the ballot. Failing that, Article 50 should be revoked. Ultimately, we believe that Scotland’s future should be as an independent nation within the EU, working with others to overcome the great challenges of our time, such as the climate emergency, and to build a democratic and inclusive Europe that is environmentally sustainable and socially just. As Greens, we stand for peace and collaboration. Remaining a member of the EU is critical to achieving our goals.

In Westminster and across Europe there has been a rise in extremist, xenophobic politics. Status quo parties, who for years blocked progressive reform in their countries and the EU, are unable to counter far-right populism. Instead, it’s the Greens who are taking them on. A Green wave is sweeping Europe, with historic results for Greens in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Finland. Green parties are in governing coalitions across Europe, from Denmark to Greece. This success has been built by Greens driving forward a radical and positive vision for the future. The Scottish Greens want to work as part of this wider European movement for change.

No European election has ever been as important as this one.

Whether Scotland plays its full part as a positive member of the European family depends on us all.

So on May 23, choose hope over hate.


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