Easy read Manifesto 2017

Local Manifesto 2017

We are the Scottish Green Party and you can vote for us in the Scottish Local Elections in May. This is our manifesto. 

We have written down all the issues we think are important and would like to tell you about – this is known as a manifesto. 

The Scottish Local Elections is where people vote for who they want to be on their local council.

The local council make decisions about things that affect people where you live. 

Our commitments

  • Protecting services

    We believe all the services in our community run by councils such as schools, transport and care services are very important and make our neighbourhoods better places to live in. These services should have the money and support they need to do a good job.

  • Connecting people

    We think it is important for people to connect with each other and be a part of their community.

  • Building communities

    We believe councils should build our communities to make sure that its people can earn and spend their money locally, feel safe, get on well with each other and enjoy where they live.

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