Fri 10 Feb, 2017

A Greener Bearsden and Milngavie means public transport being more affordable, accessible and attractive to use. We shouldn’t need a car to get around. But local public transport isn’t good enough. 

Bus and train services are patchy, distant or unreliable and rail fares in particular continue to go up.

Abellio are failing train users. Only 26% of rail services in the last year arrived in Milngavie on time and far too many services are cancelled completely. Bringing Scotrail into public ownership - to be run for the benefit of passengers rather than private profit - is crucial. Green MSPs have consistently argued that that this can easily be done at the mid-point of the current contract. 

There also needs to be investment in our stations. Local Greens are campaigning for a new, accessible footbridge at Westerton station and for the long discussed new station at Allander Leisure Centre. 

Buses need to be run for the good of passengers who use them. Green MSPs are calling for better regulated bus services, introducing new routes to serve areas which are currently far from the nearest stop, and running existing routes more regularly. They have also called for a cap on the cost of bus season tickets.


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